Beautiful Quotes

You deserve somebody that texts you at work
just to tell you they miss your presence.
You deserve somebody that cooks bacon and eggs
your favorite way, and then brings it up to you
in bed. You deserve somebody that bathes
you when you're sick. You deserve somebody
that lets you steal the covers. You deserve somebody
who lets you use their lap as a pillow.
You deserve somebody that doesn't
mind when you kiss them with morning breath.
You deserve somebody that you can get into an argument
with, but still presses
themselves against your sleeping body at 3am.
You deserve playlists made specifically for you.
You deserve somebody that lets you have the remote.
You deserve somebody that always picks
out your favorite chocolate at the grocery
store. You deserve somebody
that kisses every blemish on your body, and calls
them all beautiful. You deserve somebody
that holds your shaking, crying body and whispers
"Shh. It will be okay." You deserve somebody
that loves you unconditionally, you deserve this
type of love. I do hope you find it.

I’ve been taught that love is beautiful and kind, but it isn’t like that at all. It is beautiful, but it’s a terrible beauty, a ruthless one, and you fall – you fall, and the thing is – The thing is you want to. You don’t care what’s coming, you just want who your heart beats for.


take me down to the paradise city
where the grass is green and 
the girls are pretty

"Everyone has something of beauty about them. But loving lets you look, and look, and look again. You notice the back of a hand, the turn of a head, the way of a walk. When you first love, you look blind and you see it all as the glorious, beloved whole, or a beautiful sum of beautiful parts. But when you see the one you love as pieces, as why's, you can love those parts too, and it's a love at once more complicated and more complete.” 
~Ally Condie

I won't go

I just wanna be your shadow

There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone's spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that's beautiful to me.

It's alright to cry
even my dad does sometimes
So don't wipe your eyes
tears remind you you're alive

the edge of nowhere
is such a beautiful place to be

we'll run wild
we'll be glowing in the dark

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