Best Beautiful Quotes Ever

a lot of my life

has been realizing that i would

cross oceans

for people who wouldn't

jump puddles for me


making a joke

in front of a ton of people
and having them all crack up
is one if the most beautiful feelings
you’ll ever feel.
Don’t deny it.


An arrow
 can be shot only by pulling it backward.
So when life is dragging you back with difficulties,
it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.


Shoutout to the kid that whispers 
the answer 

to you when the teacher calls on you but you weren’t paying attention
A moment of silence for all the teenagers
whose parents won’t let them eat in their room

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I want to hit you with my car 
Throw you off a tree so high

Hope you snap your neck and die

Just once
I want someone to look at me and
right away think I was beautiful.
Not after they get to know me,
or after they see inside my soul,
just me.
I want to walk in a room
light up,
not blend.


When my daughter's older

I will make sure she grows up knowing she's beautiful.



When I was like 12 I used to hate one really bit.chy and annoying girl
from our class so I sent her a text "you will die in 7 days" during a class and
she burst into tears and her mom went to police and I was so scared so I
flushed my phone down the toilet

Today, my Grandad turned 91. He barely has enough strength to speak. But everytime my Nan walks into the room to check on him, he says, "Hello beautiful"
not mine but i love it
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