Belieber Quotes

Do you have a mirror in your pocket?
Because I can see myself in your pants.
Who knew it was possible that 1 Boy
Could change 
Your Whole World

Made by @EllieLasnier 

There's no reason to hate Bieber.
To be honest, she's a really nice guy.

I feel that all I did this year was defend Justin Bieber.

When those celebrities say that being famous is hard,
I feel like f.ucking jabbing a stick down their throat.

I'm a belieber  :)

Idk why justin biebers ego is so big like does he not realize that 99% of his fan base is 9-14 years old
I understand if you don't like Justin Bieber

He's still a human and makes mistakes.
Sure he's acting bad and stuff.
But you guys don't know him.
How can you judge someone by what the media says?
Do you even know him?
Have you met him?
Then why judge someone?

If you don't like him then stop obsessing over what he does.
Stop hating on him.
If he means nothing to you then leave him alone.
Focus more on your life other than hating on someone else.

By Watching his videos on youtube and commenting hate?

Thank you. You're just giving him more views

I have lost all respect for Justin Bieber

1. Spitting on your fans: 
    Their the ones who keep you on top. Plus, spitting on the fans from your OWN country. That's 

2. Peeing in janitor's bucket:
     Sorry he didn't have the talent or even the chance to be on top like you and has to live as a janitor.
     He should still have some respect though, cleaning after your mess. Let him do his

3. Stopping on the middle of the road just because a car is following you:
     You should respect the road. You're a human being and if you have a problem, there is still something
     called,  ''the

I lost faith in humanity.

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