Bestfriend Quotes

@someone, 6:45 AM 5/26/18

...I'm sorry for lying,
even though I had promised before...
I did think it was nothing,
'til afterwards I had told you
the same lie I tell the other one.
I promise i'll tell you next time I can.
I'm sorry for not being honest.
It was hard to tell if it were all genuine.
I understand I can tell you anything and everything,
more than I tell the other one theirselves.
But for some reason,
I felt it couldn't be said.
It wouldn't have made sense.
By the time I tell you,
I hope to God
you'll understand...
It's so strange how you can have the bestest and most amazing friends but you still can't quite tell them about the hurricane happening in your head
because no matter how much you know they understand
they still just


Losing you gets harder every single day. It's just another day I wake up to realize it's another 24 hours that I have to go without talking to you and that kills me. 


k a t i e . . .  

one name, one girl, one passion

princess, a crown of a thousands curls

her toothy smile, her wild laugh--they could cure the nations

friend and daugher and sister
(i am most thankful for  f r i e n d )

she is a wonder
delicate eyes, soft and subtle

- - i went crazy - - i need her - -

still loved, still missed
never lost

here's to eighteen~


I need you in my life or I'm not alright. so don't walk away, I won't be okay if you do. I just don't wanna lose you.
Every love story 
is beautiful
but Ours is
I don't understand our relationship. sometimes we're friends, sometimes we are more than friends, and sometimes I'm just a stranger to you. 😔

My best friend,
has made me smile so many times
I wish I could pay him back somehow.

If You're Looking At Someone With Blue Eyes,You're Looking At An Ocean.

If You're Looking At Someone With
Green Eyes,You're Looking At A Forest.

But,If You're Looking At Someone With Brown Eyes,You're Looking At A Nutella Jar.♥
You Love Them So Much ♥

                                                                 ~Me With My Best Friend.

Yesterday was probably the best night of my life with my best friend and my bf. Prom was so much fUn. Thank you for making my first and your first and last prom so awesome. I love you so much baby
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