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You're in London
                     AND I BREAK DOWN

cause it's not fair
that you're not around.             
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we may not be best friends anymore
we may not stay up until 4am
every single night
talking about whatever is on our minds
but i will never forget
the things you said
the plans we made
and how happy i felt with you

we may not be best friends anymore
but you are still the one person
i think about every night until 4am
and talk about whatever is on my mind
hoping you will be thinking about me too

you are still the one person
who can make me happy
because you are still my best friend
just because you replaced me
doesn't mean i have to replace you


Maybe the shattered parts
are the places where your love starts


Somebody wants you
somebody needs you
somebody dreams about you every single night
sombody can't breathe
without you it's lonely
somebody hopes that one day you'll see
that somebody's me


Just when I feel this crazy world is gonna bring me down
that's when your smile comes around♥

A Bestfriend Isnt Someone Whos Just There For You, Its Someone Who Understands You A Bit More Than You Understand Yourself<3
She stood looking at him through the cell door bars,her best friend whom she had known for four or five years a young  man who just a few hours ago had risked his own life to save her from the hands and teeth of the undead horde that moaned and shambled outside desperatly trying to get into the jail to feed on the fresh human flesh of the girl her best friend and the other few members of there small survival group. the boy lay still he was alive but his time was short for the bite on his arm would soon turn him into one of the undead he looked at his arm then back at the girl trying so hard to fight back tears he had risked his life to save his best friend and the girl he loved and now he would pay the ultimate price. He reached his hand out to her and pointed to the right were there was an exit for escape but the girl didn't move she was not about to leave her dying best friend to rot in that cold jail cell alone but she knew they didn't have much time for the zombie horde would soon be breaking through the weak doors and eating them all alive if they did not leave. she stood thinking about all the memories and great times they had together and wondered if he felt the same way about her as she did about him. a tap on the shoulder brought her back to reality she looked behind her to see another member of the group looking at her but not knowing what to say he softly said we have to go.She looked at him then back at her friend in the cell and shook her head *i'm not going anywhere she said softly so that her best friend could not hear her,for she knew he would never allow her to stay behind with him but the choice was not up to him he had saved her life and now she was going to return the favor by  spending what little time they had left with him even if it meant dying together. finally after after what seemed to be a life time the others grabbed there things and left the girl stood alone with the cell key in her hand she unlocked the door walked in shut and relocked it and
I love you Lyric♥

it's a funny thing, really.
you fall in love with one person and that person
could potentially be the one you spend the rest
of your life with.
they learn the big things about you
and they learn the small things about you;
the things you love, things you
hate; the things you know you're doing,
and the things you don't know you're doing.
you fall in love with one person who
you grow to never live without.
it has to be amazing loving someone
who returns that same love unconditionally.

yesterday during lunch at my school, my best friend and i were talking about horror movie and better places that the killer could have hid the bodies. i heard a cough behind me and i turn to see one of the school's security guards choking on coffee. o_o
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