Best Bestfriends Quotes Ever

Normal friend:
Wow you are so cute and good looking!
Best friend:
Shrek called, he wants his face back.
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when you & your best friend
say the same thing at the same time.



"I'm sorry, my mistake, forgive me :-)"


"It was your fault ok, you should say sorry, ok dont talk to me i dont care"


"shut up b/tch. . . F/ck off"

when attractive people are friends with attractive people.
so. much. prettiness.


Nothing compares 

with the stomach ache 

you get from 

laughing with your 

best friends  


so i went on a roadtrip with my friends and:

- we went to see Frozen in a small town movie theater that had mismatched couches instead of chairs and also the little paper tickets that say "admit one" on them

- we drank 21 litres of iced tea and 12 litres of iced coffee between us 

- the guy at subway gave me seven free cookies. shoutout to the guy at subway. i ate all the cookies and a 12 inch sub so i think he stopped thinking i was hot at that point but it was glorious

- we all bought snapbacks and at one point i was wearing 5 snapbacks at once and that had to be the moment when i ran into our principal

- he looked at me and nodded then literally backed away

- there was a sign in the middle of nowhere that said "santa is dead and the reindeer have taken over." 

- ???????????????????????? what

- i might have purchased all the guys underwear that said "YOLO" on the waistband and confiscated all their other underwear so they had to wear them

- when i say might have i mean that that's exactly what happened and i've never been prouder of myself

- we witnessed an old man vault over a fence into private property to pick a bunch of flowers for his wife :))))



- one of my friends got very tired and fell asleep wearing only his YOLO underwear, one sock and a floral bonnet

- i was dared to go a week without coffee and i made it four days before i gave in and drank three consecutive cups within half an hour

- we wrote Hannibal fanfiction in the car i love my friends so much

i don't know i just wanted to share that stuff because it was great and i want to remember it forever :) 


Friends buy you lunch.
Bestfriends eat your lunch

So here's to.
The crap we talk
the guys we stalk
the way we shop
laughs we can't stop
the gossip we spill
the looks that could kill.
we'll stay together
cause we are

Best Friends Forever.

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I  can tell by your sarcastic

undertone, rude comments,

and sheer lack of common

decency, that you and I

could be best friends in no




best  friend's boyfriend  
 |  chapter     |    18    |         |        | 

        “Brooke, you have to wake up,” Cody nudged me. I slowly opened my eyes to see I was still in his house cuddling up next to him, but it was just the two of us.
        “Where’s everyone else? What time is it??” I shot up.
        “It’s only eight. You fell asleep on me once we started watching the movie. The guys left to get some food and they’re coming back soon but I stayed back because you were sleeping. But I woke you up because you were crying in your sleep, is everything alright?” he asked. I looked up into his deep green eyes and saw how concerned he actually was. I felt safe in his arms, pressed up against his warm, muscular body. And it’s not like I was the only one holding on to him- his arm was around me too. I sat up a little straighter, pressing my hand against his chest so I could adjust myself.
        “I was crying?” I asked.
        “Brooke, what’s wrong?” Cody asked sadly.
        “Nothing,” I smiled.
        “You’re not the same. You’re not that same bright and smiley girl that Carter and I called over four months ago. You used to laugh so loud and happily, and now it seems forced and fake. You used to be so carefree. Now it seems like you’re always watching out for something. You were always so happy, and it’s so obvious that you’re not anymore,” Cody said. “What happened to you?”
        This was it. My chance to let everything out since Kelli stopped being there for me. He actually cared. He wanted to know. He wanted to help me.
        “Nothing happened,” I said. “I’ve always been this way. I guess I’ve just gotten tired of pretending to be okay.”
        “How were you able to act okay before?”
        “Honestly, it was because Kelli was there to help me. She would talk to me until I felt okay again. But she doesn’t do that anymore. I guess she just doesn’t care. I mean, I can’t really expect her to. She’s happy now. She shouldn’t have to deal with me and how sad I am because I’ll just bring her down.”
        “She’s supposed to be your best friend. Regardless of if she’s happy or not, she’s supposed to be there for you,” he said. “Is it my fault that she started acting like this?”
        “It’s just ever since you guys started dating, she’s been acting different- calling me out on my insecurities, not listening to me vent even though I do for her, ditching me to be with you. I guess I’m just kind of lonely,” I said truthfully.
        “Brooke, you should never feel alone. You’ll always have us,” Cody said.
        “Kelli said I’d always have her and look at us now. We barely talk,” I said.
        “The guys never shut up about you. Even when you messed up and led them all on. Yeah they’ve moved on to other girls but if those girls knew what they still say about you, they’d ditch them in a second. It’s hard for Kelli. She knows that those guys aren’t as in to her as they are to you. You’re both beautiful, but guys take more of an interest in you. She’s getting tired of not being able to match up to you,” Cody said. "You have to understand where she’s coming from.”
        “You’re right. Kelli’s the victim here. Poor Kelli, forget about Brooke, she’s pretty so she has no problems,” I said annoyed, trying to get up. I can’t believe I actually thought about letting Cody in. He’s not on my side. He’s on hers.
        “That’s not what I said! There’s a lot about Kelli that you don’t know,” he grabbed my arm so I couldn’t leave.
        “Kelli’s been my best friend since fourth grade, of course I know her,” I said.
        “Then you’d know the reason she’s so jealous of you is because she found out I liked you before I liked her,” he said. “Like, liked you.”

"You're always taking sides but you won't take away my pride,"-Decode, Paramore

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