Bitter Quotes

I wouldn't mind spending forever by your side. 
but a little space is nice as well. 
I may never get a degree but
I don't plan on living long enough for it to matter.
So much for being different. 
next morning 
" do you have a minute to talk?"
" we can't hang out again, I'm getting back together with my ex."
That's fine..
Did you have on your date sweetie?
are you going to go out with him again?
yes, I want to. 
4-9 ( date time length )
" you made me feel so great, I hope we can do this again soon." 
me too, I haven't felt that comfortable with anyone in a long time
you were so sweet, thank you, you were different. 
"Let's go on a date." 
sure. can't wait for this awkwardness to be over with. 
so you stop thinking I'm worth your time because I'm not.
" I'm different, I'm not like other guys"
okay.. yeah whatever they all say that.

I hate when people I hate have nicer things than me. especially when I have to work for my crappy version and all they have to do is pillowtalk their boyfriend. I'm a bitter person.

I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness 
and a wandering eye and a heaviness in my head

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