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Sometimes I wanna stitch my lips together to excuse myself from spoken debates since words slip off my finger tips so much more easily than they do my tongue and in an argument my upper hand is always swallowed by a faster mouth
logically the only thing wrong was the timing but it feels oddly painful sometimes, nonetheless.
i forgot all about this site and it's even more dead now!! :)))))) 
I just want to talk to you but don't know what to write. When I see your post I wish they'd never end. No matter what they say. I'm about to be 2o dude, and I'm honestly not the least bit excited. Don't want to do anything. I remember when you turned 18 and cried lol and I just smiled and laughed. Dang where has the time went. I was just talking to madi about issac taking her driving helping her learn. I remember when that was us. Being thrown back and forth while you let the car eventually stall lol. I see us in them so much but idk whether I should be scarred or happy for them. 
"If he's not doing anything to keep you, then why are you fighting to stay? "

~ Taylor Swift
If only I had the chance to go back in time, knowing everything I do now.
I wish I knew how to sit still and let life happen on its own. I always jump to conclusions and let my emotions attach to an idea that doesn't exist. I'm never neutral either. I'll put my cynical outlook on life onto any situation I'm going through, and when I decide that I should lighten up, my head is up in the clouds but my feet aren't on the ground. I sabotage myself, or I get my hopes up. 
True or False:
My best friend is a girl: true
I like pizza: well... not any pizza...anyway, true
I have dark eyes: true
I always wear lipstick: False, tomboy here!
My hair is long: true!!!
I have a friend who is at least 1 foot taller than me: true, and I hate it (but I love this friend!)
My best friend is taller than me: false, we are the same height
I've broken a bone: False, only a tooth.
I drive: false
I need to lose weight: true, but, fortunately, not much
I have dressed up as santa before: False
I have or have had a pet cat: false
I have or have had a pet dog: false
I love to read: oh, yeah!
I love taking surveys/quizzes online: true
"Are you okay" is such a threatening question because I understand that giving off any impression of discontent is unacceptable under the roof of the people who feed me, in the company of people who care about me. I couldn't stop myself from crying at work or breaking down in school and I wanted to swerve into oncoming traffic and every day became a blur of tears and the hallway carpet I would collapse on when I got home and your asking me if I'm okay wasn't good enough because you only wanted the right answer. 
Today I plan on being as useless as the G in lasagna.
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