Bleh Quotes

Friend: *Walks in on me getting changed*
Friend: Are those Mickey Mouse Boxers?
Me: ...
Me: D#@n Straight!

When I'm waiting in a long line, all I want to do is start a conga line.

I don't know why...
But I feel like I'm violating my dentist when I accidentally lick their fingers...

Me: Knock, Knock

Friend: Who's there?

Me: Doctor

Friend: Doctor Who?

Me: =)

I wonder if anyone ever looked

at me and thought

"I want to be this person's friend"

because I honestly think about that all the time.
~Ordering Pizza~
Worker: It will be a 30-45
minute wait

Me: I did my waiting!
Worker: ?
Me: 12 years of it!
Worker: *Starts Laughing*
: In Azkaban!




In 6th grade, I wanted to be an "American mangaka" when I grew up.

Still laughing at that one.



I gotta stay high all the

time, to keep you  off my 




My reaction when I meet someone

with the same name as me.
Everyday I learn something that somebody else already knew...
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