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Great pain only comes from great memories
Today  I  will  be  happier  than  a  bird  with  a  

f rench  f ry.
Dont make fun of a persons idol 
maybe there the only reason
there alive.




I'm not that Asian.


ohana means family and family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

"Why are you sad?"

"Because you speak to me in words, 
and i look at you with feelings."


Lets be honest here people!

Boxers with Hearts on them

Are Extrememly Manly

Doubt is like truth, but it's different in the ways of being how we sense something is true, but we don't want it to be..
You say

that I'm afraid

but I'm not

I have been ready for this

but you were never, not

You say I am afraid

maybe A little

but am I in the wrong

for being afraid of losing you?

I hate it when            
you put so much effort into writing someone a text or an email or a letter,
and they don't bother read it or reply to it. Do you have any idea how
much of my heart went into that? It took me hours to find the right words
for how I feel, and your just going to throw it away without a fuucking glance?
                       ...Is that all my emotions mean to you?

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