Brain Quotes

"The brain is the most important organ"
-the brain
I wouldn’t object to being conscious during brain surgery, as long as someone told me where to cut.
The cranial cavity is the shortest bus of all.
If only we were half as hungry for brains as zombies are.

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sorry, he said, we don't make those kinds of stickers.
we specialise in packing tape, he said.
that's what i want, i told him. rather than  f r a g i l e ,
custom print  w a n t e d  t o   d i e 
and wrap my coffin in it at two o'clock tomorrow
instead of the rope.
i'm afraid i'll be putting that to other use.

last words 

Once you stop watering your garden with poisonous thoughts positivity will bloom.

The brain is the body's most mysterious organ. It learns, it changes, it adopts. It tells us what we see, what we hear. It lets us feel love. I think it holds our soul but no matter how much research we do, no one can really say how that delicate grey matter inside our skull works and when it's hurt, the human brain is traumatized. Well, that's when it gets even more mysterious. 
me: *feels like something is wrong with me*
me: haha nah, I don't need a doctor. it'll go away.. or I might die.. not knowing is what makes life exciting.
It's when you sit there and realise how real everything is becoming
and you get an overwhelming wave of realisation and devestation 
and you just sit there, completely numb
and you realise that you literally have no idea what to do anymore.

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