Best Break Quotes Today

Oh, honey. 

You can't break a broken heart.

I can't stand it to think

My life is going so fast

And I'm not really living it.
Its amazing how a friendship takes years to grow but it takes one fight to break it up to million of pieces and ruins it.


you can get addicted
to a certain kind of sadness

Say something
I'm giving up on you
Everyone has a breaking point. A point where you can't keep up a fake smile, can't act like you're happy with life, can't hold back the tears, just that point where you can't hide the true feelings you've been fighting off for so long. No matter how hard you try, that day will come. The only question is. Will you be able to handle it.

Tell me that you love me once more
And I shall
Believe in your lies once again
I can't just stop thinking about you
and thinking that you're good enough to trust.


When you geyour feelings 
involved thats when it gets  real.
I guess I'm just afraid to love you because I don't want to b r e a k you.                [x][x]


i don't want us to be strangers again



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