Breakup Quotes

If my heart was made if paper I would fold it throw it to the wind and just hope it ends up with you I signed it with love from me to you Im trying to be cool but my feelings wont allow me to and all that I ask is at least you write me back Im waiting heres my paper heart wont you hold it fold it
I don't know. I don't know anymore. Just so tirred of being tirred all the damn time. Tirred of waking up every morning loving someone thats never gunna be with me. Just so damn tirred. 9:11
Well it's five in the morning, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table waiting for a pot of water to start boiling so I can make some Mac n' chz. Lately I wake up every morning at 3. I don't know why it's like clock work though. Usually I take something to knock me out but guess was hoping I'd fall asleep sooner than later. Waiting for you to reply. For you to reply and say something that will make me angry enough to stop checking on here again, and make me feel as if I could really move on. I need to do something. I'm glad your finally getting out of the house but for myself it seems as if I've been sitting home for months. Sleeping everyday away till I have to work. It's not even that I'm sad it's just that I feel like doing nothing. I feel constantly tired. Feel like everyday I wake up and its pointless so why try. So I don't. Dreading making an effort to get ready for work already. Maybe I'll feel better by tomarrow morning though because hopefully I'll be exhausted. Hopefully I'll pass out. 5:27Am
Just seems like the things you say are lies. Should of just not responded.
Im not saying not too . (10:11)
Alright nevrmind then.
Tomorrow will be fine ; 1010 mangrove ave . Idk if you want to do this so soon cause Jon and i skype on my lunches so idk what you plan to happen (9:54)
Sounds good to me.
Only if its in chico because of my neighbors. I'll let you know tonight if tomorrow is a plan or not and when Itd work (8:20)
Good. Glad you'll be getting out of the house. Whatever happens though would like to be able to see you in person tomarrow.
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