Breakup Quotes

With another night came a stabbing text. Breakup was what it meant. I replied with a smile. She came close and kissed me goodbye.It was 14th Feb again.I went out again.I kissed again.I made a promise "we will never part away my dear" looking at the beer bottle in my hand".

How do you rid the Earth of humans?
Rid the human of their humanity

~If there is no happiness, create it~

Some things you can never leave behind.
They don’t belong to the past.
They belong to you.

I dont know how many more times I can try.
I know I said I'll always be by your side and I meant it, but that's extremely hard when you keep wandering off and getting lost. I'm trying to teach you and help you, but nothing is working.
I want to quit on her and I want to quit smoking as well because oneday both will take my life. One will destroy my heart and the other one will destroy my lungs.

memories in photos
too easy to rewrite
left as lonely shadows
holding each other tight

i'm not a stranger to the dark
hide away, they say
because we don't want your broken parts

Honestly, if you're gonna be Petty with me, i'm just gonna be Petty with you. Not my fault you were the one that started the "petty war". You just want something to get mad about 😕
"why are you crying, you wanted this"
no, i never wanted this
i fell in love with you because i wanted you
but i never wanted to say goodbye
so no, i never wanted this
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