Breakup Quotes

don't link me,don't hit me when you hear this and tell me your favorite song.don't tell me how you knew it would be like this all along.i know the truth is you won't love me until I'm gone,and even then the thing that comes after is movin' on.

hard to explain,hard too show. i guess ill just say i dont know you and let it go...

counted blessings while you counted stars


could've loved you to death,
but now I dance on your grave

He doesn't understand yet that guilt comes to you not from the things you've done,
but from the things that others have done to you

i promise you

it'll all make sense again

You were so toxic to me and I was so in love with you..

I was an idiot begging on my knees on the I don't even want u anymore.

honestly idk if anybody could get someone like me.... i’m immature & mature at the same time. i’m a goofball but i’m also deep & weird & romantic. my mind is so over developed but depressed & always in a constant war with myself.... i’m just not sure how to deal with the personality i have, i’m odd, but i can make you feel like nothing in this world can compare to a person like you & i can promise ya that much, i’m sure most will tell ya it’s the truth..

you look like yourself 
but you're somebody else
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