Breakup Quotes

I finally figured you were the missing piece but guess it's all just history... I still replay those long forgetten memories, even though I know its slowly killing me...
"lets be realistic," he said with a scoff.

was being realistic.

Yes, my reality was to spend the rest of my life with you.

Yes, my
reality was to grasp your face and connect our lips in a white dress.

Yes, my reality was to hold your hand as my fingers dug within your flesh as the doctors yelled for me to push.

Yes, my r
eality was to help you wash your gray short hair and tease each other about our wrinkles.

my reality was to stare at grandchildren as we reminisced about our lives.

You wer
e my reality, and I was being realistic.

"you're right," I mumbled in agreement, "i need to be realistic."

was being realistic.
I did care. Do care. I dont know if you remember me telling you I had a notebook full of letters. Told you I wanted you to have it when you left. But kinda wanted you to have it for your birthday. Do you even want it?
"even though i never loved you, i somewhat wish
i did, and if you asked, i'd take you
back in a heartbeat."
~ Give yourself the love you keep trying to give someone else because a queen without a king is still a queen & vice versa ~
"A FAKE smile can hide a million tears."
I told you this and you didn't care.
Because we wont be able to find that with anyone else .
Dont know if you remember watching Glee with me or not years ago. But Ive been watching it alot lately. I keep trying to think of who reminds me of us the most. Could go with the obvious with Santana and Brittany. Theyre the lesbians. But I find little things in each of them that reminds me of memories. Maybe thats what was so dynamic about us. We had what everyone wanted, we did. We had the love no one else had, or could ever have. Thats maybe what is so scary.
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