Breakup Quotes

I say I'm fine,
Pretend I'm good without you.
cant seem to leave my past behind, cuz all the ones I hope to stay  are all the ones  who fade away
how is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me

Being in Love with two people is the worst. Because you have to choose, and no matter what someone is always hurt... You never know which one really loves you back, which one you have a beautiful future with, which one is right.. Because to you they are both perfect. So you sit and break your own heart.


"and my heart will feel heavy in your absence,

as i lay there awake

at night wondering where you are

and who you're with and did you

finally find what i couldn't give you,

even when i tried."


Eye contact is a dangerous,
dangerous thing, But
lovely. oh, so lovely

"I wanted it to be you. God damn I
really did."
I'll be fine as long
as you stay single
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