Breakup Quotes

"it's my house, im not yours anymore, it's my soul..."
~If I knew better, how would I learn?~
They tell me to "move on with your life".~But what am I supposed to do with the life we made that was meant to be ours? ~We combined our lives together, never thought we would need reason to separate.~Except, that was just me.~You always had a backup plan.~I was a distraction.~Or was the act you put on distracting me?~How do I move on with the life that was meant to be ours...~How will I move on with the life I supposedly had, whilst you went behind my back and made a new one?
~One day, we said it'll be only us. Nobody else. ~One day, we said it's over. We were through.~One day, I wanted you to call me, just so I had a reason to yell.~One day, I told everybody, including me, I was happy.~One day, I said I wouldn't shed a tear.~One day, I never thought it'd be me, calling you.
With another night came a stabbing text. Breakup was what it meant. I replied with a smile. She came close and kissed me goodbye.It was 14th Feb again.I went out again.I kissed again.I made a promise "we will never part away my dear" looking at the beer bottle in my hand".

How do you rid the Earth of humans?
Rid the human of their humanity

~If there is no happiness, create it~

Some things you can never leave behind.
They don’t belong to the past.
They belong to you.

I dont know how many more times I can try.
I know I said I'll always be by your side and I meant it, but that's extremely hard when you keep wandering off and getting lost. I'm trying to teach you and help you, but nothing is working.
I want to quit on her and I want to quit smoking as well because oneday both will take my life. One will destroy my heart and the other one will destroy my lungs.
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