Breakup Quotes

 It was always you
Falling for me



i shot an angel with my father's rifle



Is it cold in the water?


 Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand
is the beginning of a journey

i wish i could show you how unimportant you are to me but I know that’s a lie since my heart flutters every time you’re around

The loneliest moment in someone’s life
is when they are watching their whole world fall apart,
and all they can do is stare blankly

I haven’t been on here in months. I’ve never posted from this account. Thought ignoring you would help us both move on and sometimes I feel that I have. The times when you’re heavy on my mind I try to block out. I try to accept that there just good memories now. Sometimes I feel that your the only one that understands me to my soul. I think I still believe your my soul mate? In the last few nights I’ve dreamed about you twice. Just you. I try to remember all your facial features. Your laugh. Your smell. How you run your fingers through your hair making it part more to one side. I always wake up worried that I’m saying your name in my sleep. Shocked that your in my dream that I’m asking if its really you. I’ve had some coworkers bring you up its nice to hear what you’re up too. Though I wish I knew for myself. Seeing you happy and smiling in all your photos I try to tell myself that they could be lies but I don’t think they are. I think you really are happy and for that I cant be addicted to you no more because you’ve moved on. You’re no longer addicted to me.


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He tells me stop buggin but how am i suppost to do that when every guy ive ever gave my heart to was out in the streets sharing his with another woman. He said “baby trust me” but how am i suppost to do that when every dude done played me. He say “baby im not like these ither dudes”, i done heard that line before
just because they say they love you doesn't mean you can 
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