Breakup Quotes

You dont love me youre just used to me.

i use to run back to this boy just cus i was so use to him and so comfortable around him, being together 24/7, i felt like he was all i had. he was my home, or in other words my person. but now when i look at him i feel nothing but anger in my body and i feel myself wanting to cry, that’s when i knew i couldn’t keep doing that to myself. it wasn’t ever worth it.
I need a reminder that I matter 
I can not see straight lately.
"Your love made me lose my senses,

and a blind man can't see a red flag."
You were gonna be my world,forever..
You took the sun with you when you left
You took the sun with you when you left
I honestly to this day don't and probably never will understand
how somone can take a person who is beyond broken on ever level 
including emotionally and spiritually and pretend to love and use them
knowing that there just going to break that person even more. all while the
used one only wanted to love and care for that other person and is now
once again giving up and falling back into the dark spiral still hanging onto the slightest bit of hope  that
one day they will find the right one who will end the suffering by showing the used one what true love really is,
Until that day comes if it ever does ill be here in my shell waiting perhaps forever...

I've told myself so many times to stop making homes out of people because I'd only end up cold and alone when they leave. But i was so sure you'd stay.But you didnt and now I'm feeling homesick for a home that was never even mine to begin with.

 I still feel your breath on my skin
I hear your voice deep within
the sound of my lover 

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