Breakup Quotes

"I will forgive, but never forget, I'll love you from a far because that's as close as I'll get, I'll wait to see you in my dreams because I know thats the only time we'll spend, So many messages I have I just never send, I hope one day our hearts will mend, and the hurt will someday transcend, I let you go because love is free, I know the future isnt guarenteed, I don't need you, you don't need me, but our connection has definately given me a key, When I think of you I go to the sea, it gives me a sense of peace, and helps me connect the puzzle pieces, it took me too long to see, Some things are not meant to be"

now the day bleeds into nightfall,
and you’re not here
to get me t h r o u g h   i t   a l l.
i let my guard down,
and then you p u l l e d   t h e   r u g;
i was getting kind of used to being
s o m e o n e   y o u   l o v e d.


Dudes be like "gimme a chance? What could it hurt?" MY HEART BRO. My freaking heart 😭 hop out my inbox

You dont love me youre just used to me.

i use to run back to this boy just cus i was so use to him and so comfortable around him, being together 24/7, i felt like he was all i had. he was my home, or in other words my person. but now when i look at him i feel nothing but anger in my body and i feel myself wanting to cry, that’s when i knew i couldn’t keep doing that to myself. it wasn’t ever worth it.
I need a reminder that I matter 
I can not see straight lately.
"Your love made me lose my senses,

and a blind man can't see a red flag."
You were gonna be my world,forever..
You took the sun with you when you left
You took the sun with you when you left
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