Brighterthananyone Quotes

Ever wonder why she gets so many compliments from accounts just like mine? It's because she
deserves them. She's been through a lot and people have even made hate accounts to bash
on her. And she really deserves so much better than that! Her quotes are inspirational and
amazing just like her.



I love her profile, the gifs are really inspirational, so are her quotes! Her quotes are also usually funny, I like them a lot. Plus she's nice, no wonder she's got so many followers and always in the Top Quotes, it's because she's an amazing girl with amazing quotes! <3 


In case anyone hasnt seen, the user BitchierThanAnyone is a hate acocunt she made to bully BrighterThanAnyone. BrighterThanAnyone is actually one of my best friends, and to think that someone is on here telling her to kill herself just makes me so sad and angry. I won't stand for this. BrighterThanAnyone is the nicest person I know who hasn't said a single mean thing to anyone the whole time she's been on witty; she's only been kind and tried to help everyone she could...


Shoutout to

for having some of the best quotes i've ever seen! She has adorable inspirational quotes and then very hilarious funny quotes! She's very pretty and seems like a nice girl, go follow her! (:


© randomshoutoutaccount

Is just amazing! She's really sweet and kind and she makes the most awesome quotes and she is absolutely stunning. Maybe you should hit that follow button when you visit her page. You won't regret it. Also if you look at her quotes you'll be very impressed :)



This girl is just terrific! She is a lovely poet, and always offers advice and helps people. She also posts some very hilarious quotes. Go visit her profile!



Honestly you're one of my favorite Wittians. You have amazing quotes, I love them all so much. If you're going through something well keep your head high because you seem like a pretty fabulous person!


Attention All Wittians!
I know that many of you out there post quotes about your depression, about your self harm, about your suicidal urges.
You are now being treated like a second class Wittian, having your quotes hidden from feeds, only to be viewed on your profile. 
This started about a week ago. 
In response, I vote we create a Black Parade. 
We need to tell Steve that this is wrong. 
That we want our right to have all our quotes viewed, back. 
So contact him on Tumblr (
Email him! (
Comment on his profile! (
Let him know that you don't appreciate being treated like this, and you refused to stand for it!
Your depression doesn't make you less valuable, to the world, or to this website. 
I still love you. And you deserve to be heard, to be seen.
And if you march with me, I must say. 
Welcome to the Black Parade.

                                                                                                Founder: ChangeBeautyLove
                                                                                                Cofounder: BrighterThanAnyone

Tochoseuserothweek o7/18/13:
1) BrighterThanAnyone- She has hilarious and inspirational quotes!

Check out these quotes of hers: me: *backspaces* computer: *goes back 5000 pages..' & There should be a 911 for lonely people..'

2) kristabff- She has hilarious and creative quotes!
Check out these quotes of hers: In my bedroom at night...' & 'Justin Bieber: swag swag swag on you..'

3) ChocoTaco- She has extremely funny and witty quotes!

Check out these quotes of hers: 'Maybe I have friends now..' & 'The perfect summer nights..'

How can a person have better Witty friends than StyllLovesYou and BrighterThanAnyone
you guys are awesome :)
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