Brokenheart Quotes

Insults have broken my heart 💔 and I'm in despair.
For those who don’t know or understand. Men deal with emotional pain as well as women. Social norms are stated that all men shouldn’t cry or have feeling. That no matter what we have to be strong for ourselves and our family. That having these sensations are a showing of weakness. It’s the complete opposite. Like peoples it’s about to 2020. Social norms need to be broken down and re-evaluated. Honestly I notice that the whole thing about guys having to be tall, handsome, have a beard, abs ,just having money or how girls have to be a certain height, shape, size, weight, how they dress is what people want. Whatever happened to having that connection with people? Whatever happened to going out and not being on your phone and just talking with the person you are with? Why can’t people just also like people for who they are? Why do they have to act a certain way or dress a certain way in order to be socially acceptable to the masses? Whatever happened to being able to communicate with that’s one special person? Now I’m not saying that I’m a saint and not done this to someone because I have. I know I haven’t been the best at communicating to which this has cost me many a great deal of pain and suffering due to my own negligence of my own relationships. I know I’ve caused emotional pain to others as well. Practically anyone I’ve ever been in a relationship. Truth is what people want is unknowable until the right stone is cast. When that moment finally comes, that sensation of happiness comes to fruition.
I’m a guy and I’ve been hurt emotionally and physically. I’ve shed my own blood and my own tears feeling like I’ve been nothing worthless. To this day that sadly hasn’t changed. It sucks because I honesty know when I created this path for me. Right as I graduated high school, I realized that all my pain because my stupid actions and ignorance. I wish I could forgive myself for all these things I’ve done. But I have no idea how it would happen for me. Instead,I have to keep on moving forward trying to make a difference for myself but all I can say is that I forgive the others that added to this. To all the anger I let out because of my stupidity and jealousy. Thinking I wasn’t good enough when I was. Seeing how much people loved me but I didn’t show how much I loved them back. I’m sorry for being a bad person. I’m sorry for being someone that was a complete idiot and jerk. I wish I could see them again. And see their smile again. I miss you...
I want that,

"Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The "you're the only one that I adore", love.
That, "I'll always be here for you", love. Or, "I'll always support whatever you do", love.
What about, "I want you to hold me tight", love. "You're the only one I want tonight", love.
Maybe, "I can't wait to start our chapter", love.
Baby, "I want our happily ever after", love. But mostly I want that, "I will always love you no matter what", "I'm gonna stay faithful and true", love.
"My heart only has room for you", love. "You're my soulmate", kinda love. "Lets get married, I can't wait", love.

Yeah ; That love.



- The chinese give a beautiful explanation to this. The thumb represents your parents. The index finger represents your siblings. The middle finger represents yourself. The ring finger represents your life partner. The pinky represents your children. Hold your hands together, joining the middle fingers back to back and the remaining fingers tip to tip. Now, try to separate your thumbs. They will separate because your parents are not destined to live with you forever. Rejoin your thumbs and separate your index fingers. They will separate becase your siblings will have their own families and lead their own lives. Rejoin your index fingers and separate your pinkies. They will separate because your children will grow up, get married, and settledown. Now, rejoin your pinkies and try to separate your ring finger. They will not be able to separate because your life partner is meant to be with you throughout your entire life, through thick and thin.


when your heart gets broke. Use it to your advantage ; let it hurt you, let it make you cry, for in the end, it will make you a stronger person.
You'll fall in love again... Maybe not anytime soon. Maybe you think you'll never again, but don't give up hope.
Believe in love, even if its failed you. The pain you're going through, I know all about, but I haven't given up hope. I know in my heart theres someone out there for me, waiting for us to meet and become one.
Waiting each and every day, hoping for us to meet. Sometimes thinking about giving up, but knowing I'm out there somewhere waiting for them. Don't give up hope even if you're broke, for I promise you there is love out there for you, for everybody.
You may think "I'm not worth it. I won't fall in love again. My heart will always be broken." But, don't give up hope.
Push away all those negative thoughts, for it will get you nowhere. Never ever lose faith in love. Believe in God. Believe theres someone out there. You may not find them right away, but in time, you'll be that special one who will never break your heart.
Don't give up hope when your heart is broke. Use it to your advantage. Let it hurt you, let it make you cry, for in the end.. It will make you a stronger person.


Used to be running
through my mind
Now you're jogging
Now you're just walking
And footsteps lightly
Until they start to fade away
And all I hear is silence

Youre the boy with a real nice smile,
But a broken heart inside.
Give it to a girl
And I think she lost her mind.

Its tragically unfair, really
How I found you,
Or you found me,
We found each other.

And how i was yours,
Or you were mine?
Started as friends,
But thats also how it ends.

Maybe one day..
I'll stop checking your page every once in a while
And i'll stop wondering what you're up to
And stop trying to figure out if your with somebody else
And stop thinking i lost the best thing in my life
And stop thinking about what we'd be if we were still together
And stop crying over you

Maybe one day,
I'll stop thinking about you
i'm falling apart
i'm barley breathing
with a broken heart
thats still beating...
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