Bts Quotes

who are you? 'cause you're not the girl I fell in love with, baby.
who are you? cause something has changed, you're not the same, i hate it

"peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet. chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings"

-blood, sweat & tears, bts, 2016


i am in love with you but you’re in love with your music. I have eyes for you, but you have eyes for the stage. I have a burning passion for you, but you have a burning passion for rapping. I cried my eyes out for you but you cried your eyes out for your fans. Whatever I have for you, there’s always a wall blocking it so you can’t feel the same.


Hey !
hello people ;o
my name is Chaimae and i love Bangtan! I find the Good Friends on here and just adore them! sometimes they even bring me to tears. I am on stardoll, my name is Chaimaetouil4 .




Matt Webb:
I don't know
how  to tie
a tie... 
I'mma Musician,
not a STUPID.

Ian Casselman:
I however, 
am stupid
and not a musican

 -Marianas Trench 
"By Now bts"


please grow up,
 you're all    talk    dude,
 ||||| you have a glass mentality, boy. 

everyone on this website is slowly going back to
school one by one its kinda like a horror movie but worse

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