Bucketlist Quotes

So my friend and i are trying to complete our bucket list and on of the things is to send a message in a bottle, which we are going to do tomorrow, but we want to have messages from lots of different people to go along with ours. So what im asking is if any of you wonderful people on here have any messages you would like to share so we can put them in our bottle! If you do then could you leave either your name and/or what country you are from. Thankyou :D
Things you want to do before you die?

In every town you stop in, buy a bracelet.
You'd be amazed.
Bucket List #6

Try to get back the "good' Disney
Bucket List #6

Form a pop/rock/indie band
Bucket List #5

Star in a hit movie
Bucket List #3

Successfully learn how to lick the air
Bucket List #2

Scuba diving with sharks
Bucket List #1

Go Sky diving with Obama
Bucket list?
I think you mean f.uck it list.
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