Bucketlist Quotes

Bucket List

-Get through today
-Get through tomorrow
-Get through the week
-Get through the month
-Get through next month
-Get through the year
-Get through next year
-Work hard, have fun, & keep on getting 
through until the day I don't
-Oh, and also some pizza


Bucket List #64

Create a 'Where's Waldo' book. Don't put Waldo in it.
Bucket List #63

Go up to your alarm clock when it's sleeping and yell "How does it feel?!"
Bucket List #62

Learn Korean. Get pedicure.



Witty profiles bucket list

Get a quote on  top ever or something like that...
Get 101 followers
Get 100 faves on a quote (mine)
Um... O.O Make an epic profile...



My Bucket List:

Live in my dream house


- bucket
- bucket
- bucket
- bucket
- bucket

My Witty Bucket List
-Have BravoSierra, Steve, BlackButterflies, yourcool favourite or comment on one of my quotes
- Get at least 5 top quotes (I've gotten two before)
-Gain 100 followers
- Make more friends
Bucket List #61

Glue rug to my feet. Go skydiving. Pretend I am Aladdin.
Bucket List #60

Choke a smurf. See what colour it turns.  
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