Bullied Quotes

Please take a moment to read this:
There is a beautiful video called 'To This Day' by a talented man named Shane Koyczan.
It was the most inspirational poem I have ever heard and it brought me to tears.
Those who are going to listen will truly be astonished because he speaks the truth about the bullied and the beautiful. 
A line from the poem read, "...if you cant see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer".
*I am not a sponsor, nor am I being paid to advertise. 
I am doing this out of the goodness of my heart.*

Please, spread the message for the benefit of everyone

And we grew up believing that no-one would fall in love with us.
That the sun was something they build for us in their tool shed.

Suicide or run away?

I am constantly:


I am:

a waste of space
no one really likes me
no one will ever get me

Unless someone actually looks into my eyes and says 'are you alright?' They know me.

Because people that don't know me, don't ask because they think they know im fine.

The people that ask me then walk away don't care if i die. 

So techinally noone cares.

I am breaking down too fast.
Why is witty the only place where I don’t get judged and bullied I like it thanks witty xx
is it just me or am I fading alot quicker then I thought I would..

My little brother was getting bullied and none of us could make him feel better about it. Then one of our closest friends said to him "My big brother was bullied. He was beat up and screamed at and hung by his ankles out of the Anderson's art department windows and they're eight stories high. It got better, yeah, eventually. It didn't stop, but that's not the point. The point is that now, what ten years on, he's served his country in Afghanistan, he's married and he's got a beautiful kid. Guess what? The people who bullied him? They've done none of that. At least half of them are dead because of drug overdoses and the other half are either single and working minimum wage jobs or junkies. He was good at school and he's good now. They've recieved their karma by staying the same bullying low-life scum; just now they know they are below him and they'll never be able to bully him like that again." and he managed to rise above his own bullies.
i remember a guy in my class just walking up to me and hitting me in the face with a metre stick. and the sad part is,ppl were making excuses for him saying he didnt mean it.
I don't get bullied.
I don't get abused.
I don't get insulted.
I have some friends.

Someone would die to be at my spot.

Yet, I still have scars.

So this one bully actually
asked a nerd for his lunch
money and the nerd replied with
"Sorry, I must have left it on your moms dresser."

my quote yo but nmf

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