Butterflies Quotes

there's something about him
that gives my stomach butterflies.

I know when you're around
because I know the sound
I know the sound of your heart


Who cares about butterflies. When I'm with you I want to feel a whole zoo.
Two butterflies, each a broken wing. Found each other amongst the trees. The pain they felt, with passion in mind. Helped each other to learn to fly.

What is love? Love is pain.
Love is butterflies & stomachaches.
Love is looking out a windowpane, tears dripping,
looking like you're in the rain.

He told me,
"You're so cute and you sounds more cuter."
#Butterflies hahaa..

I love him so much,
why does this hurt so bad?

I get butterflies just by looking at you pic. ^^
Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like
Forget butterflies,
When I'm with you I get a whole zoo in my stomach
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