Cancer Quotes

11/9/18 // 11/11/18 12:21am I hope to God youre okay. Im sorry I couldnt talk to you more than i wish I did. I love you so much and I wish only the best. You dont deserve to go through this. None of this. No one deserves to, but you the most to me. I love you so much, stay strong..Please. 💟 We spoke about this one specific heart and it’s meaning. My love for you will always be cloaked from others. No one can touch it, but I. Stay Strong Jay 💟❣️
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It's like Taylor Swift's song Ronan is an amalgamation of two very significant people in my life whose losses I've suffered this year: that of my grandmother, from cancer, which was the cause of death of the little boy the song was written/named for, and that of a child I bonded closely with for long enough to become deeply attached and consider my own, in a way. A lot of the details, the motherly relationship that's depicted and the image of permanent grief that's painted, strike a deep chord with me, both because of how my grandmother loved me and how I loved that child. I got so emotional listening to it last night. Glad I rediscovered it, even if it's painful to hear. 
It's been so long since I heard your voice.
I remember you being my neighbor on Collins street.
dog Pete would always bark and scare me.
time, when I was very younge, I had a concert in my school..
t I got sick so you picked me up early.
I remember when we were in my aunts house on A street, 
I was singing A THOUSAND YEARS. for a contest at this church URBAN HOPE.
The next year I sung TALKING TO THE MOON for the next contest. 
I los
t both, but you kinda got mad. You felt that i deserved to win.
You always said I can be famous!
I ca
n go to America's got talent, American idol, ect.
I mi
ss you so much grandma.
Why did Cancer have to take you away!?!!?!
I h
ave to keep singing in your honor.
I lo
ve you
i once found a swollen lymph node
and i secretly wished it was cancer
because cancer could kill me
and i was too scared to kill myself


The signs in a gang team
Aries: The one who starts every fight with other gang teams, great at fighting.
Taurus: The one who has everything they need; food, weapons, spray etc.
Gemini: The one who is sent to be a member of other gang teams just to give their actual team info.
Cancer: The one who drives them out of trouble.
Leo: The leader who gives instructions to EVERYONE.
Virgo: The one who drives them to the place of the fight.
Libra: The one who is sent to make everyone be with their side.
Scorpio: The best fighter. EVER.
Sagittarius: The rebel that never follows the leader.
Capricorn: The one who has almost every single plan.
Aquarius: The crazy one who makes graffities everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
Pisces: The one who other teams make fun of for being cute but ends up fighting the sh*t out of them.
The signs when at school:
Aries: Argues with someone, make it be the teacher or another kid.
urus: Eats in class.
mini: Is on their phone all the time, but somehow manages to have average grades.
ancer: Average student, waits till the lunch break to get out of there.
Leo: Either the best or the worst student, there's no inbetween, talks to everyone near them.
irgo: Very good student, pays attention and hates it when they talk to them.
bra: The best at Maths, probably the only subject they're good at.
Scorpio: Plans about killing someone.
agittarius: Draws on the tables, probably flirts, copying machine.
Capricorn: Very good student, gets great grades and hates it when others copy them. 
Aquarius: Sleeps.
isces: Nobody really knows.
When the signs hear strange sounds from the basement:
Aries: Goes to see what it is.
Taurus: Freaks out a little, but if it stops, they just continue their popcorn.
Gemini: Texts someone for advice.
Cancer: Screams, cries or says: Hello? Anyone in there?
Leo: Grabs a knife or something and stays for some time near the basement, just in case.
Virgo: Tries to understand what it is by hearing the sounds.
Libra: Gets a text from Gemini.
Scorpio: Gets ready to fight and goes downstairs.
Sagittarius: Is probably the one making the sounds, so yeah.
Capricorn: Ignores.
Aquarius: Tries to stay as far as possible.
Pisces: Cries, scared, way too confused.
Aries: I'm gonna punch anyone who woke me up.
aurus: BREAKFAST. NOW./5 more minutes...
Gemini: Let me wake up my twin brother/sister...
cer: I don't wanna wake up! *cries*
Leo: I look awesome! AGAIN!
Libra: I'm not balanced? *Screams*
pio: Who woke me up? I'm gonna murder y'all...
ittarius: *Falls down of the bed*
Capricorn: Good morning everyone! *Holds feelings inside and they explode*
Aquarius: Well, whatever...
isces: Wait... DID WE HAVE HW? OMG, I FORGOT!

What are you supposed to do when your hearts broken in two?
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