Care Quotes

Your mental wellbeing is so important...

Please make sure you give yourself the self care you need, when you need it. Talk to someone if it's all too much. Make art. Take a long bath. Go shopping. Sit in bed all day and watch every season of Pretty Little Liars.
Look after yourself.

the guy i liked got mad that i was mad that he was ignoring me, so he blocked me on everything. but like, im pretty sure he never broke up with his gf, and he had three kids, one of which is just 4 years younger than me. and i think he was just trying to get in my pants. so i really shouldnt be upset. but i am. i should never have tried talking to him. i should have preserved my positive feelings for him.
Hi Guys,
Not sure many of you will read this but I thought I would update. I haven't been active on here in a couple years, but I do log in every now and then to see how Witty is doing. Crazy how different it is now. 
When I was active on here I was depressed, and thought I was in love. I also had a lot of friends on here that weren't particularly happy either, however, it did get better. The boy I thought I was in love with cheated on me, and my heart broke, but I made it through it. I didn't need him, and to be quite honest he was kind of toxic.
I didn't have many real life friends when I was on here. I hid behind my computer screen and didn't go out of my comfort zone, but high school came and changed me. I got close with a few people and now I am friends with quite a few people. I wouldn't say I'm popular but I have plans every weekend and people I can count on. I'm happy now. Life is good, great even. I used to self harm and there were so many days I wanted to end my life altogether, and sometimes I still get those bad thoughts, but I'm so glad I'm still here. I've lived through a lot of things the average 16 year old can't say they have but every single incident has made me the person I am today.
I fell in love, like for real this time. A beautiful tall boy with hazel eyes and brown hair. But that is an entire other story in itself. We were together for almost a year but the distance was too much and it didn't work out. I still love him more than anything and I'm so happy I get to call him my first love. If I killed myself when I was 14 and sad I wouldn't have lived to see the best days of my life so far. 
Like I said, I don't think many of you will see this or read it if you do see it, but I just wanted to remind you that it does get better. I know people probably tell you that all the time, but I've lived it. I was 13 and up at 4am holding a blade to my wrist debating whether life was worth the sadness, but now I'm 16 and I'm driving around at 4am with my bestfriends playing music we love and making memories we will never forget. So maybe life is not great right now, maybe even terrible, but you should want to live to see better days.
I'm not on here much anymore but my tumblr is on my profile and if you ever need anyone to talk to about anything I'll be there 24/7. 
In case no one has told you they loved you today or this week or even this month, I love you, and I care about you.
Please live to see better days,
I will be a lonely individual eating chocolate with my cat on valentines day because you just are not proving to me that you care enough.
It's terrible to see someone you care about or even love show the affection you crave to someone else.

Sometimes it hurts to hope, and it hurts to care, but you have to promise me that you won't stop caring.
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When I leave
I want someone to care
To sit back and wonder
What Its like up there
Where the angels sing
And scars fade
While sleeping, I see u nearest me in ma dreams caring me with kisses, touching me & looking at me with ur loving eyes. When I wake up, I wish 2 know where u r if ur safe as Am... Can't stop feeling u hun, ur ma lucky that make ma all days, I sincerely say good morning 2 u, b4 I wish U a wonderful day... Lv u
Almost three years clean and its about to go down the drain.
In the night and all through the day, You are only on my mind, Coz you are truly special, My one of a kind, Sweety pie I love you a lot, From my every thought,
Wish you a lovely night!
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