Caring Quotes

nothing can wear you out
like caring about people.


"I'm just trying to figure out why she's attached to me"
~~~Because you care for her, you've been around since day 1, its easy for her to talk to you, you guys are close and she doesnt want to share you. They're the same reasons why a girl gets attached to their bf so easily. Unless he doesnt give a million damns about you as much as he says he does and then you try to convince yourself its okay, as long as youre there, its okay but really its not because he still doesnt give a damn. Sure, we get attached, but it's because we think you care. Because you once did or told us you did. And when you don't, we freak out wondering why we aren't worth your time to care about us~~~
I tell everybody I couldn't care less, but deep down, I know I could if I applied myself.
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               I can't wait for the day I care as little about you as you cared 
   aBouT me.


I’ll never stop caring. But the thing about caring is, it’s inconvenient. Sometimes you’ve got to give when it makes no sense to at all. Sometimes you’ve got to give until it hurts.


          Sometimes the most important thing you can say is just, ‘Are 
  You oKaY?

  To the girls who love with their  

entire hearts, who pour all of themselves into the relationships, into the people, into the family members, the friends, and the men they love—don’t ever change. Don’t let the world make you harsh because it doesn’t understand the power of forgiveness. Don’t let life turn you cold because people haven’t discovered how loving doesn’t make you weak, but actually gives you strength. See, you have things figured out. You know that there’s power in being a good person, a person who loves and doesn’t look back with regrets. You know that every relationship has built you, every kiss has changed you, and every heartbreak has made you a better lover. You’ve been hurt, but that hasn’t stripped you naked, hasn’t made you careful or guarded. You know that even in hurt there is redemption, and you’ve crossed to the other side, refreshed and renewed. Things haven’t always gone your way; in fact, you’ve had your share of loss and loneliness, but you still love because that’s who you are. You care. You care too much. About things and people, about the ones you’ve loved, about the relationships you’ve been in. And it’s okay to be that way. You have a lot of feelings, a lot of heart. You are too much. But it’s okay to be too much. It’s okay to pour yourself into all aspects of your life, even love. It’s okay to keep believing, keep falling. It’s okay to forgive those who have hurt you. Because forgiveness not only lifts them, but frees yourself. You are not weak because you care too much. No, don’t hurt yourself in the process. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of or give yourself away with nothing in return. But you shouldn’t feel that it’s weak to care about things and people. Truthfully, you are as strong as they come. So please, never stop caring and loving with that big, beautiful heart of yours. Because for the right person, you won’t be too much. You will be the perfect amount.

Why do they only seem to care in the times when they need to not care?
Be true to yourself. Don't expect people to accept you if you can't accept yourself for the way you were intended to be. And never let sombody change who you are, you're amazing with all your imperfections don't let anyone say otherwise.
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