Cats Quotes

It isn't that I'm not a cat person, it's just that I'm not a cat person person.
My sister and I grew up in a cat household. Our mom liked cats and we did too, although our dad was indifferent. There was one valid excuse we had when our mom would yell from the other room for us to do something. We could say, "I can't. A cat's on me." We didn't want to move for fear of waking it up, and she understood.
I rather have a cat in my life than you :/ people sucks, most of them.
that is all..

   dont let little stupid 
   things break your 


“i think that the world should be full of cats and full of rain,
that's all,
just cats and rain,
rain and cats,
very nice,
good night.”

-Charles Bukowski

got this terrible headache
It was awful
I went to my bed to try to sleep

and I could not

I was in so muc
h pain
and my cat came over to me
and just put her head on my shoulder
and stayed right next to me

hile I tried to sleep
It was really cute
Someone is always by my side

My cat

She basically follows me everywhere
She sleeps by my side at night
She never leaves me
When I leave, she gets sad

and s
he is happy
whenever I come home
I would say
I am her favorite human
It is really adorable

I like cats more than my family and friends...oops

can hear someone making food downstairs, so i went to go see who it was, turns out it is my cat making food for his friends cause they are all playing poker

idk if this is a dream or real life but im tired

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