Celebrate Quotes

me: *picking out all the alcohol I want for my 21st.* me: *doesn't even like alcohol.*
I may not know the future and I may not know where we will end up.
But right now I know that I am more in love than I have ever been
and I just want to celebrate that feeling without worring about our future. 
When he tells me
That I make him smile
It makes me smile
It makes me so happy
It makes me feel like I belong

That amazing victory dance you do:

*After you finish a long essay for school
*After you succesfully get your skinny jeans on
*When the fridge is full of delicious food
*When someone favorites your quote
* You do well on a test you didn't study for

celebrate the way the 
night hides scars.   

x x x x
Merry Christmas!
x x x x

I'm 16 today!!!!!!!!! yay!!!

Friend: I celebrate anything
Me: How about hug a floor day?
it's my 15th birthday today :D
(in mexico this is a big deal)

Methinks we should have a Steve Appreciation Day



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