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This might be the next chapter in my life...I'm excited to see where it goes.
"You will go on and meet someone else and I'll just be a chapter in your tale, but for me, you are and you always will be, the whole story."
My Muse

Chapter 7

Beccas house is really nice. It's on the beach like mine but much bigger. I didn't realize that i was holding Kassidys hand the whole time untill she droped it and went to the bathroom and get things for s'morse and left me outside on the patio with Leo and Emmett. Well, this is awkward. I've never been good with new people. I try not to be awkward but I just make it worse. 
"So Connor, how did you meet Kas?" Loe asked. "The first day i came here I was walking around her saw her at the river." I said kind of hesitant because it's our story. It's proabably stupid but I didn't really want to share it with anyone. Kassidy, Becca and Carly came back just in time. 
The rest of the night kind of went by in a blur. We had some s'mores, laughed but I feel like I got to know them better. Now I'm more comfortable around them, which will be good for when I go back to school and just in gerneral. Kassidy and I said bye around 11:40  and started walking down the beach. "I bet you can't catch me!" She said running away from me. I laughed, 'I was on the lacross team, remember? I'm not just a photographer!" I caught up to her, threw her over my shoulder and ran into the ocean. Her laughed filled my head. After slashing around in freezing water, I had her jump on my back and started walking back home again. "My house is that way." She said, pointing to a rode up ahead. I set her down and held her face in my hands. "Kassidy, you're not going home. You're staying at my house again." She pulled away, "I can't just live at your house Connor. I have to go home at somepoint." I shook my head and slide my hands down her arms to hold onto her cold hands. "Well, you're not going home tonight. I won't allow it." Her face softened and I could tell she was glad I was insiting this even though she tried so hard to hide it. "Are you sure your dad will be okay with it?" "He'll understand"
She tightened the grip she had on my hands, "You can't tell him. It'll just make things worse." I didn't understand how it would make things worse but I didn't want to argue with her because I don't really know anything specific about the situation anyways. I just nodded and we proceded to walk to my house in silence.
I tried to walk in the house quietly so I wouldn't wake my father up if he was sleeping but, he was sitting at the kitcgen counter with his laptop emailing someone. "Hey Connor," he said before turning around to see Kassidy, "And hello Kassidy..?" He just looked at me. "She was locked out of her house and no one was home so I thought she could just stay here one more night..?" I said with a smile. "Yeah, it's fine. The floors in the guest room are still not ready so you're going to have to sleep on the floor again Connor." "It's fine, thanks dad." He turned back around and Kassidy quietly said thank you. I've never seen her shy, it's kind of adorable. 
Once we got to my room, I shuffled through some boxes to find some sweatpants and two shirts. She threw she hair into a bun and put on the clothes I had given her. They were pretty baggy on her but she looked cute and seemed comfortable. She waled past me and I grabbed her hand to pull her in and started dancing. She laughed. God her laugh, I could listen to it all day. She stood up on her tippy-toes and gave me a quick kiss and strted to walk towards the bed. I pulled her back in and gave her a long slow kiss just like in the movies. She laughed again and ran into the bed and threw a pillow at me. I made my bed right at the side of my real bed. I fell asleep holding her hand that was dangling off the side of my bed. 
I woke up in the middle of the night. Once I really opened my eyes and became fully aware of what was happening, I realized that Kassidy's sobbing was what woke me up. I immediatly got up and crawled into the bed with her. Just about right when I got up there she turned into me and started crying even louder. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, "It's going to be okay, you're going to be okay." over and over again untill she fell asleep. Soon after I felt her heart beat return back to a normal pace, I fell asleep again breathing in unison with her.

Ahh! It's been over a year! Oops! I hope you liked it though! Maybe I'll even keep writing this time!  
Facing Fate
hapter 1
How i
t all began

ll never forget the way he looked that night, in his dark blue collard shirt and his kakies. Still to this day that`s my favorite outfit of his.
We we
re both at a birthday dinner for one of our mutual friends. I had seen him around but i never really knew him too well although i did think he was kinda cute. i was at the dinner prior to him. When he arrived i couldn`t keep my eyes off of him. Although i figured it was best if i just kept to myself and my own friends. We spent most of the night occasionally making eye contact and then looking away. It was obvious we were both curious about eachother but we both did nothing. The drinks were outside and i really needed a water because my throat was dry from talking and dancing. I went outside to grab one and there he was. Leaning over the bin Reaching for a water bottle. He spun around, looked at me and shot out his hand. 
"Hi i
m Jack"
"Hey jack
" i replied "Im Sydney" 
you just grabbing some water?"
"Yes i am."
So Sydney there`s something i have just got to tell you."
"And what would that be?" I reply.
"I`ve ne
ver seen someone look as gorgeous as you do tonight." 
"You are too sweet. Thank you."
start to head towards the door.
"What?" i
"So ill see you around?"
Just maybe." I reply with a smile and walk inside.
heart was racing i had never felt more alive.  

Chapter 5

The night was only starting. People started barbequing, girls started swimming, and everybody was having fun. I became friends with a girl named Alicia, who could of been my twin. We were both short, she was an inch taller than me, and we were both blonde with blue eyes and a rocking body. She had the idea of going water skiing. I agreed even though I could barely walk straight. We both stumbled towards the boat, holding each other for support. "Maybe we should go tubing, it's a lot less dangerous." One of the boys we were with suggested. 
"NOOOOOO." Me and Alicia said. Jeff started up the boat as the guys set up the water skiis. 
"Are you sure you guys want to do this?" Jeff asked.
"It'll be fun! Don't worry." I said. A few minutes later both skiis were set up. Alicia and I each grabbed one as the boat sped away. Then, Jeff turned too fast to avoid hitting another boat, I lost my balance and fell over, hitting my arm on something. Everything happened fast because then I heard somebody screaming my name. A few moments later, Jeff had his arms around me and was helping me towards the boat. The two other boys on the ship grabbed me and pulled me up, I saw red oozing from my arm. I looked up and saw Alicia grabbing a towel. I didn't even see her get back on the boat.Jeff quickly turned the boat back on and sped towards the shower. Alicia stood by me and held the towel around my arm. It was the worse pain I had felt in a while. Once we got to shower someone grabbed a first aid kid and wrapped my arm up. It was quick and painless. 
"Maybe I should take you home Bree." Jeff said. 
"You don't have to ruin your night for me." I said. 
He shrugged, "You're not. Don't worry. Besides, you're slurring your words. It's time for you to call it a night." He gave me a small smile. I nodded and grabbed my keys and walked towards my car. Jeff grabbed my arm, "You're not f/ucking driving yourself home." He said. "You're f/cking drunk." 
I looked up at him as he grabbed my keys and dragged me towards my car, "How are you gonna get home?" I asked. 
He shrugged, "I'll figure it out. I'll have somebody drive my car back to me." He opened up the passenger door for me and then walked around towards the drivers seat. 
"How do you know where I lived?" I asked as he pulled into my drive way.
He laughed, "I'm your next door neighboor."  
"O." I said. A few minutes later Jeff was helping me up the stairs. I walked him into my room, "Stay until I finish getting ready?" I asked.
He shrugged, "Yeah sure. I guess." 
I walked into my bathroom and quickly showered and then put on a sports bra with black, baggy shorts. When I left the room, Jeff was on the phone, "Yeah bro. Just drive my car back whenever." He said, "She's back now. Bye." He smiled at me as I walked towards him. 
"Soooo." He said, "I guess I'll get going now." 
"No. Why would you? Spend the night!" I said, feeling the alcohol making me flirty. 
He smiled, "Okay but I don't sleep on the floor." He said. 
"Sleep next to me in bed." I winked at him. "Want me to get you something to wear?" 
He laughed, "Okay yeah get me yoga pants and a sports bra." He took his shirt off and slipped off his pants, only to be left in boxers. He smiled at me, "Don't stare to long." He winked. 
"I wasn't staring." I said turning red.
"Sure." He winked again. I pulled up my covers and got into bed. He got in right next to me. 
"Do you do this with every guy you meet?" He asked.
I turned and faced him, "No. You're just special." 
"Oh. Thanks. I know I am. So, why did you move here?" He asked.
"I got into trouble back in Michigan. My dad found out and thought it was better if I came and lived with him." I said. 
"Oooo, rebel. What did you get in trouble for?" 
"Alcohol." I said. 
I heard him swallow, "You didn't drive did you?" He asked. 
"Noooo. I just had it on me and was drinking it. The cops went easy when they busted me the first two times, but the third time I got arrested. Then I got sent away." 
"Do you miss Michigan?" He asked. 
"Yes. I miss all the sports teams I played on and my friends and my mom." 
"Did you have a boyfriend?" 
"No." I said.
He nodded, "Our school has second semester sports try outs going on in two weeks. You should go for it." 
I shrugged, "I don't know. It'll be awkward." 
"No. It won't be. Come be a cheerleader and you can cheer me on at all my games." He winked at me again.
I turned my back and gave him the silent treatment. A few moments later I felt his arms at my hips and his lips at my ear, "I was kidding. But you should try out. You'd love it." I turned my head so I was face to face with him. 
"I'll think about it." I said. He smiled at me. "So, what sports do you play?" I asked.
"Football, hockey, and soccer. I used to play basketball but when my sister died, I stopped playing. That was our favorite sport to play together." 
"I'm so sorry. How did she die?" I asked. 
I saw him stiffen up, "A drunk driver hit her one day while she was playing basketball. She was only 9." 
I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek, "It's okay. She's in a better place now." 
His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him, "I know. It still hurts every day." After that moment, we talked for hours and hours, we both fell asleep around 4 A.M with his arms still wrapped around my waist. 

This is just the first chapter in your story sweetheart
Don't end it now.
Chapter 1

I walked into class and passed my normal seat and sat down next to Kyle."What
the f/ck are you doing here?" she asked
with anger."I told you I meant it when I wanted to go out with you." I said leaning in. "F/cking Sh/t." She
said pushing me away. A girl with a not so clean mouth,I could handle
that.The teacher started talking
and Kyle started taking notes right away.As much of a rebel as she is,
she is f/cking smart."So, do you like
school..?" I asked.Oh geez I sound like such a loser.She sighed and said nothing."Well I'll take that as a no
then.So if you dont like school,why do you always take notes and stuff?" I asked
again looking at her notebook."I never said I hated school..." She started speaking.
This is good,shes talking unlike
before when she wouldnt say a single word."I think of it as a second life..Away from home,where
all the hell for me starts." she said."What about you
Mr.Shades?" she said sarcasticly."I don't mind it, I guess.Well I get bad grades and stuff so it makes
my house even more hell." I smiled. She chuckled.It actually wasnt bad talking to her.
The bell rang and she realized who she was with."I have to go." She said quickly as she got up.She looked at me once more with those light brown eyes and walked off.
After school I found her and ran up to her."Hey Kyle!" I said smiling.
"What are you doing here..?" She said
quietly."Well you know,I wanted to talk to you." I smiled.She stopped.
"No you don't.You just want to f/ck me, then break up with me.I'm just trying to keep my
heart saved from another heartbreak." she said
as she walked away quickly.Is that what she really thought about me?Holy sh/t, is that why she hate
me so much?No, shes just playing hard
to get.I jogged after her."Listen thats not who I am.I've changed.Just let me walk you home.Even
if you say no I'm still goana walk you home." I said almost telling the truth."Piece of sh/t." she mumbled.Yup, this girl definantly loves me.We walked home in silence."Listen.I'm not goana treat you like how you think
I am.I'm honestly falling for you." I said as we reached her house."I'm sorry,but I'm
sick of getting heartbreaks.Everything has happened to me.The using me for my friends,dumping me for my sister,cheating
on me with another girl, and the worst of all, just when I fall in love it,the
whole relationship was a bet." she said her voice cracking.The bad thing was because
I was one of those guys using her for a bet.And the worst part?
I kissed her.

Hey everyone!I am sorry I haven't gone on in so long.I will try to post 1 chapter a day, maybe
more.But I am back!:D Wub all of you waffles. :)
~I don't notify

you were a chapter in my book, and i was merely a line in yours.
Let yourself move the next chapter in life when the time comes, donremain stuck on the same page.
Ones dismay: Chapter one.

My eyes adjustes to the dark bedroom as I lay on my back. It's 2am and I can't sleep, all I can hear is Tracys stupid pop music pounding through the walls and into my mind. But that's not whats bugging me, I recieved a phone call from Pheonix he said that someone was coming for me today, he said not to panic he said that they would be staying with me for a while. What does he mean a person? What does he mean a while? Who was he talking about?
I open my eyes to find the sun shining through the cracks of the blinds by my window, it's warmth burning into my skin like laser beams. I lift myself off of the bed and into my slippers, I walk down the stairs and out into the lounge room where Pheonix is sitting on the couch, flicking through the channels on the tv. 
"You need to get another set top box" He says, smiling.
"Are you paying?" I asked as he stood up.
"You wish, I have someone I'd like you to meet, and since you are one of the most powerful witches of our time, I thought that you would take care of him for a while" Pheonix said, using a hand motion to call over someone from the seldom used dining room. 
"I'd like you to meet Dylan, Dylan is a wizard, his family was attacked yesterday and whoever attacked his family are after him too" Pheonix patted Dylan on the back and looked at me with a careful eye. 
"Nice to meet you Dylan, I'm Diana" I said extending my hand to him.
Dylan reached out and shook my hand, his hand was strong and firm, he had obviously been working out. 
Thats when it happened, I saw Dylan standing against a wall, a Ravenguard standing over him, the Ravenguard lifs one hand up his claws long and red.
"NO" I scream, but they can't hear me, I try running toward them but they seem to get more distant. The Ravenguard turns and looksat me with his red eyes. He turns back to Dylan, picks him up and flys off into the night.

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