Chase Quotes

Thank You for giving me more love
than I ever deserved. I wish you were still
here so I could say "Good boy Chase"
You were my best friend and my favorite
Dog in this world. Good night Bud.
You made me proud.



chase me

anymore,unless you
are ready to



Althe brokehearts ithe 
   worlstilbeat, let'not

 make it harder than it has to be.

    Oohh, it's all the same thing,
girlchasboys, chase girls. ♥ 

                                 GIRLS CHASE BOYS//INGRID MICHAELSON ♥


You are worth the chase.
Worth the heartbreak,
the heart race. ♥
quote by Petra1999
I really like the show Paw Patrol

The thrill is in the chase,
Never capture.

am i the only one who can call my crush a billion of bad names and still find myself chasing after them?

(i doubt my parents would be proud of this..shhhh)
Fml. My dog Rambo got out of the backyard today and I had to hunt him down, running like 8 blocks after him. He was such a baby that I had to carry him back to my house. FKJSDLJFCVJFDIBNUJHNB KVIUERKFJAU UGHHHHHHHHHHHH HE WAS SO POOPIN HEAVY.

I always chase after

the people that make no effort with me.idk why.


 here she comes ......     here she goes , 
never chasing after h0es.
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