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wittychat anyone?😏
Updated Feature: Chat
Hey Everyone. I updated the chat today. This new chat version works on phones! (yay) Let me know what you think.
Facebook,BBM,whatsapp & 2go takes most of my leisure time but can't imagine not giving. Witty pals the best of time
Let ping via bbm 28AA5569
Im really bored hmu on chat ill gladly talk to anyone.

Kik @yellowpinkk (;
I apologize for any time that I've been talking to someone on chat and I've stopped responding. Chat doesn't work very well on my phone no matter what browser I use or how often I refresh the page or whatever. So if you've messaged me on chat or I've messaged you and after just a couple messages or so I've stopped replying it's because my chat has quit working....but you can comment on my profile or send me a message on kik @ dorkasaurus94 or something if you want to continue the conversation. And if not, that's okay.


When your current crush and your two ex-crushes are all on Facebook at the same time.


Hold up... When did witty get chat?! And why didn't I know about it?! 
Me:Hey ☺ 5:23
Seen at 5:23.
Crush: Hey ☺ 5:23
This actually happened...Back off he is mine!
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