Child Quotes

You’re not really an adult at all. You’re just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don’t understand.


A flower can't choose the place where it bloomsand a child can't choose the parents she's born to.
  “Good material composition alone doesn’t give protection to a metal from corrosion, it also needs prevention from the aggressive media in an environment; similarly good parenting alone doesn’t make a child a responsible citizen for he/she needs to be equally safeguarded from the vitiated surroundings.”
~Anuj Somany

When I was a child,
I fell and scraped my knees,
blood on my knees as I cried
for my own mother. It hurt.

Like when someone sucker 
punches you in the chest,
it feels sour, hurts but no
one told me that there was worse.

Mental pain, as if there was
a sharp wringing in my chest,
that made it into knots, impossible
to untie the rope, I used to cry out.

Feeling the moment, of despair,
I was no longer the person, I was.
A child who was strong, tomboy,
rough at the edges but still her.

So when I was a child, scraped knees were the norm,
just like how broken hearts are the norm for me now.

The hardest thing that I’ve ever had to hear was that my child died. The hardest thing that Ive ever done is to love live everyday since that moment
You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
You have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should"
What's the fun in doing what you're told?
My diet could be described as "unchaperoned child at a birthday party".

Just an innocent child
with a thorn in his heart.

I want to be someone's first thought when they wake up, I want someone to take care of me, I want to be someone's one and only. I want unconditional love, support and trust. I want to be treated well and kissed often. I don't want to be a punching bag. I have feelings! I don't want to be cheated on, I don't want to be cheated with. I hate being the other girl almost as much as I hate being the reason for there HAVING to be another girl. I want to talk. I don't want to scream and fight. I don't want to be left alone, I don't want to be a slave, I don't want to be choked and pinned every second day. I want someone to gently move my hair out of the way and wipe my tears from my face. I want answers. "Maybe, I don't know, not now, tomorrow..." Those are not answers. Yes, No & an explanation is what I expect when I ask a question. I'm not loved by him. He hates me. & I guess I feel the same.
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