Chips Quotes

My best friend
is the only person I know
who sits on the couch
eating potatoe chips
while watching an exercise tape.
Me: You know, I love you Mum!
Mum:Thank You!
Me: Wanna know why?
Me: Because you put more chips in my plate than the school dinner lady ever does.
Me: That's why!
i think i'm losing my i was eating a mcdonalds and a chip fell on the floor..and i didn't pick it up.
I am so lonley.
I have nobody..
working for DollarTree is
pretty cool. I mean, we just
got 2 full  boxes of assorted
chips and snacks (barbecue,
sour cream and onion, plain, 
non-salted, cheesy puff corn,
cheese balls, butterfinger pretzels,
peanut butter filled prezel bites, 
party mix, crab chips, etc.) for
free, all because they were going
out of date in a month and the 
guy in charge of bringning the
Utz brand snacks likes my mom.
Suck on that.

Girls at my age are spending money on expensive clothing and having sleepovers.

Then, there's me.Having pillow fights with my dogs and spending my money on Pepsi and potato chips.
i love you more than chocolate chip pancakes with marachino charries and powderd sugar on saturday morings
Can we just take a minute to appreciate Pringles for never lying to us about the amount of chips we’re getting when we open the can
I miss the good ol' times when I thought air was free.
It all ended when I bought a bag of chips
All my life I thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips

(pringles all the way)
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