Chocolate Quotes

It's curiously intriguing

that the sound of tearing flesh

and the taste of my own blood

     is more addicting

than breaking and sucking on chocolate...

I will be a lonely individual eating chocolate with my cat on valentines day because you just are not proving to me that you care enough.
Is it just me or does chocolate taste a million times even better when you're on your period?

Instead of a period every month could I just get chocolates saying,
"congratulations you aren't pregnant this month"

Am I the only person on this planet who doesn't like Reece's?

runrun awafrothe
███████████████    boys in the blue, my car smells like chocolate.    ███████████████


When I find myself
in times of trouble,

Remus Lupin

comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom:

"Eat. You'll feel better."


Chocolate doesn't ask questions.
Chocolate understands.

If you don't start smoking it, that's what she said
She said we're dressed in black, head to toe, with guns hidden under our petticoats


I'm getting addicted to

ocolate <3.

And  Pirece  The Veil.
Also Mayday Parade...
Oh yeah.. And Sleeping With Sirens... 
But. wait...  I've been addicted to them for like two years o.o 

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