Class Quotes

 "A gentleman has certainly a class,but he is most probably not one who is posting own picture online relentlessly for likes votes and praising oneself only by standing in front of mirror or glass."
~Anuj Somany
I didnt go there looking for you. I went looking for me. But now, here you are, and somehow, in finding you, I think I've found myself. 

C is for chair
O is for online
M is for making new friends
P is for playing games
U is for username 
T is for typing
E is for eating popcorn when watching a movie
R is for rating

C is for coming in
L is for lying on the desk
A is for a stupid person comes in
S is for sitting on chairs
S is for sleeping

H is for hate
O is for omg, how boring!
M is for Maths
E is for English
W is for writing
O is for oh, I need a break
R is for reading
K is for kk, I'm finished!

Note: I know that they are not very funny, but I just tried. It's difficult, trust me.

That moment in class when you blow 

your nose and people stare

at you like you just killed someone

Using the phrase "jump scare" in your English paper....
Graduating is expensive!
I love my English classes because that is the only subject that math doesn't some how become included
We all have that one class
where we walk in and immediatley want to commit mass homicide.


now if I only I could finish previously said fanfic for English class.

-science class-
teacher: *talking about black holes in the solar system*
Matthew: what if one swallows Pluto?
Thomas: what if one of them swallows Uranus?
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