Conclusions Quotes

"Jump", it says.
"Go on, no one is stopping you", it continues. . . .
I agreed...
No one is stopping me. . .I could do as offered right now!
I'm ready
I close my eyes, think of my runaway home, and smile.
My eyes open...and...i'm still where I hated.
"Jump", it says again.
. . .My feet arent moving, but my bones are dying.
Jumping themselves.
Why wont i move?
What's stopping me?
No one.
If I'm the one stopping myself...Doesn't that make me a no one?
Why you should never lose your pen:
no pen= can't do Homework

no homework= can't graduate

never graduate= no diploma

no diploma= no job

no job= no money
no money= no lover

no lover= lonely
lonely= depression

depression= death

Therefore, never lose your pen

i am far more iteresting than you probably think.
as far as you know, i am a normal kid.
but what you may not know is i'm a ninja disquised as a teenager to find out if teachers really are evil mutants that eat those weird kids that just dissappear. oh, and a magician on the side of things. so yeah don't jump to conclusions about people, or i might just make sure you're next. next for what? you shall never have to know if aren't to quick to judge next time... :) just a fair warning.

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