Confused Quotes

Even the nicest person has a demon inside.

full of broken thoughts
i cannot repair

I never thought I'd be in this situation
Knowing what I want
But unsure how to get it done
I don't remember a thing....

I dont even really know how to respond to that. So without further ado , I guess I'll just say okay. I understand. We'll figure it all out ; we always do. But about the beach , about just talking to you on the phone about anything ; why is it that it felt like it hasnt been over a year. That it has been merely a few days. Just, why.

Obviously he came back last night. I heard a car pull up. I blocked you again. You have this life already going for you. Im really not trying to be a home wrecker in any way. Like I told you; I wasnt trying to get you back, I wasnt even trying to get sympathy. I miss you and I miss you as the one person that I know I can talk to about anything. He came back and broke a whole bunch more things. I got him outside and locked the door and he kicked it in. He stayed at a friends. This morning he came back and we talked it all out. All of it. I told him how everything I need in a person and how he wont ever be able to meet those lines. Practically who I am as a person will never match with who he is. I told him how everything we are as a couple, everything we put eachother through; no couple should ever go through any of that. I told him how I missed you as a person. Anyways we came to the conclusion that we both need to change. That like I said he'd probably be my room mate for awhile. We agreed to be broken up. I'll still try and get in contact with you through here just to stay clear of all problems. But for now, know that the life you have going right now, if it makes you happy; focus on that dude. Just focus on that.
Do I really care? Or do I only care because I know I should

i don't know its hard to explain its like i feel i have known you for forever and i talk to you everyday and i hear your voice
but yet
we still havent met?

you don't love her
stop lying with those words

now I'm left here in the dust
with the taste of broken trust


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