Confused Quotes

I have no idea what is happening, and it's making me really anxious...said one thing, did another, no idea what was felt...why must I be so lost...
I'm dry and numb, doing so many compulsive things.
On the bright side, my room is now clean.
We're happy, free, confused and lonely 
at the same time,
It's miserable & magical

Under warm blankets
Yet I've never felt so cold.
And I know you're here
But I've never felt so alone.

I find it funny how everyone is excited about Christmas and I have to pretend that I am so happy too, when the truth is that I am so numb idk if I should laugh and sing or should I just lock myself up in my room and just sleep til these festive season is over! .__.

What do you mean?

When you nod your head yes

But you wanna say no

What do you mean?

It scares me how much I love you...
when your slowly falling apart
Forever being torn between the thoughts of whether
I'm happy I've found myself
or I'm really bloody scared that I've found myself
So i was going to create another pic quote, but the link on the top is gone? anyone got any ideas on how i can find it or something? I really wanna make more picture quotes.
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