Best Confused Quotes This Year

Can you imagine if Witty just decided to shut down and you see all these
confused teenagers coming out of their house and squinting at the sun?
"a cute guy/a little boy came up to me and told me I was pretty/beautiful/gorgeous when I was wearing a baggy sweater and no makeup with my hair in a messy bun!"

- almost every girl on witty ever

does this happen and I've just missed out on it or??????????


Last night I started crying because
it literally just hit me that the person i'm deeply in love with will never like me back.
This boy in my grade... he's so amazing. I'm completely in love. I think about him all the time. I've probably made about two thousand different scenes in my head with him.. I've taken all of this time to imagine him and me together but i'll never happen. What a waste of precious time.

i honestly
was not aware of
thigh gaps until witty i
never knew it was
any sort of
issue for people

f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 


Welllll I got some pretty shocking news today.
I was at the mall with my family and I got bored so I said I was going on a walk through the city.
My parents told me to be back in an hour so I said I would be.
As I was walking down the street, this lady looked stunned and came up to me.  She probably looked twice my age or something like that.
I asked if she needed help.
She was speechless and just went into her purse with a face like she just saw a ghost.
She took her wallet out and pulled out a picture.
She put it up to my face and said "This is my husband when he was 18 years old.
I moved the picture so that I could see it and I realized that it looked like a 90's version of me.
I didn't really know what to say and just looked at her really confused.
"Junior?" she asked me.
"What?" I had no idea what she was talking about.
"Junior? Charles Junior??"
That part freaked me out. How did she know my name was Charlie? Well I don't know where the junior part came from but Charles?
"I'm so sorry," she said.  Suddenly she just started crying into my chest.
After a few minutes, my phone rang and it was my mom.  So I answered and she asked me to come back to the mall and I said "Okay, Mom,"
Before I hung up the woman took my phone and said "Erin? It's me.  It's Catherine! I never thought I would find you guys again." and she started to cry but laugh at the same time.
My mom came and picked me and the woman, Catherine, up from the nearby gas station and took us home.
Now my mom and dad took Catherine to a restaraunt and told me to stay home with my siblings.

What just happened?
have you ever just felt lonely? even if your surrounded by your friends you can't help but feel sad.

I'm more confused than a
chameleon in a bag of skittles.

i miss the days
when the only thing i had to worry about was being the

"line leader"...

format credit: notyouraverageteenagegirl

i hate the fact that i am always the person who likes others more, like if someone just leaves me, it really fking destroys me, and i dont really know what to do. i feel confused about everything for weeks, years even, and i dont really know what i have done to make everyone leave me. i dont understand how other people can just be totally okay. its like no matter what, i am always the one that hurts the most, and that really fking sucks.
Who else finds this new 'tags' thing confusing?
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