Contest_friendship Quotes

The most effective way to torture young people is to make them watch old people use a computer.

stop editing your,
Picture's, what is you go missing?
How could we find you if you look like
Beyonce on facebook,
and waka flocka in person.
Old people are either super nice
or the meanest people on earth 
there is no inbetween. 

Format chickittylover

Facebook would b. .
way cooler if it was on t.v, "in other news joes 
girlfriend is a cold heartless b/tch.
 details at eleven . . . .

At  McDonalds  last  night  this  dude,
 gave me the wrong flavoured mcflurry, 
    so i threw it back at him and yelled   ,
"You McF/cked up. 

format credit to: Jade672

Someone: *Says something about MCR*
Okay so my day today was crazy:

I was walking to dinner with my friends from dance on break, 
and then we see an ambalance-police car-and a firetruck (idk, they have
to come...) and there was this guy laying down on a rock, and there was
like 200 cops around him (15...?) and then he started barfing and he
had a weird butterfly tattoo that looked...really...really fresh. 

yeah and then they rushed him away, 
was he drunk?

like scary drunk? idk..

Good-byes are like this. You can't always mark them well at the moment of seperation no matter how deep they cut.

i love every second that we spend talking
but honestly you don't even care.

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