Creativity Quotes

well, im writing again. it isnt pretty, but it's better than not doing it.
i feel the urge to write but i dont know how. it's too heavy. the pen will go through the paper. i must make peace. but i cannot.
If you're lucky, you may capture the spirit of creative genius for a brief moment, maybe two.  If not, you'll have to be content with possessing it twenty-four hours a day.
does creation end when brokenness mends? does inspiration stop when darkness stops or slows? only time can tell...
Listless, tired, sapped, and shorted out—that's how I feel after work. What good is it to work in order to stay alive to work?

Energized, healthy, fresh, and free—that's how I feel when I go into nature or create something because I want to. There's enough abundance that we could all be doing what we wanted if it weren't for the greed of a few.

It's not truly art unless it has the potential to go wrong.
Every idea that could ever be thought of is lying dormant in every mind across the globe.
It takes bravery to be creative

That is why people criticize those of us who write poetry, who like art, who draw, or write stories, or creat things, or see beauty in being different and creating something 

Many people are too afraid and lazy, to be creative

It's very easy to copy something....It is actually extremely difficult, to sit down and create something that comes from your own mind and your own thoughts

Copying is easy. Does it take talent or individuality? Absolutely not
Creating something on your own is proving you have talent and individuality

And that is why people either don't understand creative people or call them "weird"

Because creative people can do things most people either cannot think of, or are too afraid to do themselves
Don't just tell someone else you are sad
because what can they really do for you?
They can listen, but they can't take the 
pain away
Use your sadness
Write it, express it, rhyme it, paint it, draw it, design it, build it, sing it, dance it
Just use it

"14th street." just another example of american creativity
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