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about 1500 years ago, the moon was split into two halves to be evidence of the prophethood of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and this was discovered by NASA that the moon was split.I wanted to change my religion many times, but I could not deny the truthfulness of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad. There is no conflict between science and religion.
Do not argue with an eloquent or foolish person. the eloquent will defeat you and the fool will harm you

i'm sorry my brain has turned to mush, i promise it wasn't always this way.
my cheeks are red, my brain must have overheated.

i can't even rhyme anymore.
you can hold my hand and heart whenever you want.

i think i like you a lot.
i want to keep seeing the light in your eyes
and pretending to hear the words that you speak.

i'm constantly distracted by your smile.
i'll nod along until you catch on.
Officially been on this site for 12 years <3
Make you mine 
my husband I have that silly song as our ringtone
I miss you so
I am worthy of being loved. 

I may not be the best with my words, but please know that I care about you 

Bodies intertwined, our faces touching. Whispered words and a warm embrace is all it takes for us to let our walls down. 
Thank you for making me feel safe again. It's been so long since I have been comfortable enough to let go

Am i actually attracted to them, or are they just another golden retreiver gamer boy? 

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