Cute Quotes

live like its the last time he can see you alive without him
so in two weeks and 3 days my boyfriend and i makes a year i wanna plan something but i have no idea any help would be nice ?
"I just scared to get hurt again..."
i love you Nicholas

in the middle of the night
in my dreams
you should see the things we do


she's like the sunflower
that never looks back at the sun


we are searchlights
we can see in the dark


                              look at the stars
                         look how they shine
                                   for you



I was supposed to go hang out with a boy.

I cut myself while shaving.

I was bleeding really bad.

I was way too embarrassed to tell him.

But I did anyway.

And he rushed to my apartment.

With a first aid kit.
hima tim lo kooma ho meain noo
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