Cute Quotes

I do not want to be people's lady
I want to be my own lady
Terminate sick hearts from your heart. It doesn't have to suffur. It stills a baby .

all my nights taste like gold
when i'm with you it's like
everything glows
Bombard their foreheads just with your kindness and achievments
strike your target ,you will strike your enemy
'caution' ☡
Small advice that will help you a lot
be aware of what you do firstly,you do not want to be you own enemy
then ĺook at people
It is hard for many things to exceed the heart
while love penetrates it
The homeland does not have to be a big land, it may be a very small area with borders on both shoulders.
If you let me go I'll find a way back I know what's meant to be is never lost even when it leaves Your face will fade but your essence will always be From time to time I see you in my dreams I hear your laughter Your smile Your gleam I feel your warmth As tender as spring Don't let go Of the memory Hold me In your heart I'm with you when you sleep Your forever Serenity from me Ahmed Protais to you
My mother:Learning journey is such a long one
Me:I decided to halt my journey

I think that it is the only one journey that everyone wouldn't continue it

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