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old music makes my soul happy
 — Noor Unnahar

22 December 2018

I imagined     my mind knowing better          felt
my viscera quiver.      the birds get     startled
into flight     though     always round-trip.
it’s good to be     home alone          not that you would
if I had     anything to do about it          but
we make do.            life sucks
its thumb.      you’re right where
you’re meant to be.      who’s to say blankets
aren’t party dresses     or that eyes
can only wet     in one way.
gloveless     in this eventide chill.
luckily     we aren’t parting thickets
for interstices          for clarity.
I empathise with     the trees that bend
out of light’s way     at least till rough
limbs creep up     gently
against glass they     refuse to crack.
dirty bedroom window     remains so.      it treasures
the head that rested on it     oil and all     pondering
the ease with which     we dance     around naked intention.
show me     it’s possible to live     and for quite a while
without flowering     a new wound.
how lovely we are     in our natural state.
taste of raw     tongue on my     tongue          waves
fragile at our feet.      we stay dipped     long enough for
our digits     to grow old          shrivel without
fear.      something once felt     too cruel to endure.
I would not have chosen     to float
if given the option.            but now          i’ll swim.

this is the first time in my life 
I'm scared of you leaving me. 
Your clothes
should be tight enough
to show you're a woman
but loose enough
to show you're a lady.
i miss you Gabe
Cigarette peena shok hai mera adat nahi,Yeh jazbat jgati hai tbhi toh Peeta Hun, Es cigarette mein koi faisle toh nahi, yeh fikra mitati hai tbhi toh pita hun, peena chod skta Hun per choda nhi yeh Dard ki pyas buzati h tbhi toh Peeta Hun, Mai Janta Hun mje Kch nhi milega iseh ,yeh MRI umra ghatati h tbhi toh Peeta hun, Mai jnta Hun maut Ko hothon se LGA rah Hun apni zindagi dhuhe mein Udha rah hun, Mjhe PTA h ab Mai bechunga nahi per yeh Mjhe har pal ehsas krati h tbhi toh Peta hun, dhire dhire tjhko bhula rah hun jeeke aishe khudko Mita rah Hun ,Tjhe toh koi fark pdhta mhi, yeh Mjhe maut ka eshsas krati h tbhi toh Peeta Hun, maine maut se Jakr Kah tu thode der or Tull jaa , maut neh kaha tri kisy Ko zrurt nhi tu chla AA, maine koi h jo sirf mre liye jeeta h, maut neh haskar Kah isiliye tu Roz Pani ki jagah aanshu Peeta hai, yeh sochkr he nhi rokha ush musafir Ko , woh jata he kyu agar woh hmra hota , aaj unko fursat he nhi hmshe bat krne ki ,yeh Zindgi guzr gyi unki fariyd Krke , woh aye hmri maut or toh kehdena Abhi soya h tmhri yad mein Jagan's nhi..
Doing what everyone else doing is not cool, doing the right thing even if anyone else is not doing is COOL.
TBN 12/10/18 sneak peak/rough draft
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
I wanted to be with you, and just kiss you,
and you said “be mine right now”.
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
I wasn’t feeling to great,
but I had this behavior for you to not know,
but I still wanted to tell you,
and you reassured me and told me we can talk, if needed.
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
Sometimes if feels like you can read me.
You knew everything before I could even think it.

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