Damage Quotes


PeoPLe ruIn
and declare their innocence by CALLING IT LOVE.


Not all damage is collateral, but all collateral is damage.
An important thing to remmeber is that we mature with the damage, not the years.

By the time she decides to say she's sorry...
the damage is already done.
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Get me
out of

this place
before I

cause more

a small
price to
pay for
building houses
out of


- All Time Low
"Running From Lions"|the Party Scene

 but that does not mean the damage has been erased -- even if you can't see it, it will always be there.
The pain people put you through don't realize the damage it does inside.

I'm a disease, no one wants to catch.
I'm a monster they can't trap.
I'm just someone that hides miles away from the world.
I'm worthless, like a pennie on the ground.
I'm no one in this big ol' world.
I feel numb inside, there's nothing there.
No ones ever there.
I'm horrible, terrible, a disaster inside.
I'm just slowly slipping away form this world, and not a soul would notice at all.
The pain behind the mask is killing me from my best.

They don't know the damage they have done.


suppose it’s a comfort, perhaps a sense of self-control, doing worse damage to yourself than the world will ever dare inflict.


I want a show where either
- Gordon Ramsey has to sing for Simon Cowell and then
Simon has to cook for Ramsey and they both just criticize each other.
-A contestant has to cook for Ramsey and then sing for Simon.
You win if you can survive the psychological damage

And I just ran out of band aids
I don't even know where to start
cause you can bandage the damage
you never really can fix a heart ♡
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