Damn Quotes

The true feminine
I am not sugar and
spice and everything nice.
I am music, I am art.
I am a story. I am a
church bell, gonging out wrongs
and rights and normal nights.
I was baby. I am child. I will
be mother. I don’t mind being
considered beautiful, I do not
allow that to be my
definition. I am a rich
pie strong with knowledge. I
will not be eaten.

– poem written by a third grade student  

You were not made in a man's image
But if that's the case, why do you feel so lost
In the empty space that his hand isn't?



I  really thought you were
"the one"

Eminem - Space Bound


And I worked so god damn hard,
Now I love the girl I become

I stepped out into a storm today,
and realized this must be what it's like inside my heart.

I'm miss you so f*cking much and it's so pathetic because you're falling for someone new and I'll never be able to get over how much I am in love with you.

Faving a quote
Reading it again haf way down the page
Reading it again on the intenret

I miss you, I love you, I want you
I need you. 

Me: *hiding in pantry from murderer*
*Quietly tries to open bag of chips*
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