Damonsalvatore Quotes

-bad day?
-bad century.
I'vε bεεn in lovε.
It's painful
and overratεd

                      -Damon Salvatorε
Damon: Dear diary..
Damon: A chipmunk asked me my name today
Damon: I told him it was Joe...
Damon: That lie will haunt me forever
Where are my Vampire Diaries fans at!? 
(Oh, Damon is mine. Touch him and I will stake you)
Vampire Diaries Quotes:
Damon:  You have got to be kidding me.
Klaus:     Hello my Lovelies!
Elena:     I'm just protecting the poeple I love.
Tyler:      I'm leaving.
Bonnie:  cienhskaoanchvismantoseiahqhankcjduvntribonwiu
"I've been in love. It's painful, pointless and overrated."
~Damon Salvatore
"I'm not gonna be who people want me to be.
Who she wants me to be."
~Damon Salvatore
"I do believe in killing the messenger.
You know why?
Because it sends a message."
~Damon Salvatore
I am not upset.
Upset is an emotion specific for someone that cares .

~Damon Salvatore
Anyone else have a giant poster of Damon

Salvatore above their bed? I do. :)
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