Danandphil Quotes

*On Twitter*
Phil: I have been hiccupping for 7 hours. Should I call the ambulence? 
Dan: Omg I can hear you through the wall go lock your self in the toilet 

*In mental asylum*
"Hey, what you in for?"
"My dad tried to take down my doctor who shrine because he said the candles were a fire hazard"
"so I set fire to the house"
So, today at school we had to dress up as animals and I dressed up as a cat and had cat whiskers on my face. Then this girl came up to me and thought I was with Dan and Phil.
Idk what it is, but I always seem to hit Dan Howell level of procrastination when it comes to getting stuff done.
Danisnotonfire: *Reading Dan and Phil fan fic* He guided Phil's sore hand to his already hard-
AmazingPhil: OH NO OH GOD NO
Danisnotonfire: Nope nope nopity nope nope.
May I stroke your glabella?!
A now I cry!
So when i was 11 and I didn't know who Dan and Phil were, I went to that exact cinema in manchester on the street where Dan lived. :'(

How fangirls communicate:

Fan 1:
Fan 2: I know. I know.


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