Best Dark Quotes This Month


You don't know frustration until you've tried plugging something into a socket in the



It's 9 o'clock at night and its pitch black and out of no where,
the ice cream truck comes down my road trying to sell ice cream
What the hell


 Be the Light
in the 
Be the Calm
in the 
and be at Peace      
while at War.

Beautiful things can come from the dark.

They say I couldnt last a day in the real world.
I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine.


I hate when it's dark and your brain is suggesting, 'You know what we haven't thought about in a while? Demons.'

format credit-rajsonkar
His life is like a tunnel,
Long and dark, 
It almost seems never ending.
He contemplates crashing,
Smashing his car into the wall,
Creating his own death,
But he worries of those behind him.
He worries that the tunnel could collapse,
So he holds it up himself,
He worries that it is breaking,
So he takes time to fix every crack.
He holds it up,
As you pass through,
Because he would do anything to have you smiling,
And anything to cause himself pain.
His life is like a tunnel,
Only he's only holding it up for you,
He wants to drop it,
But who can he trust to hold it up,
If he gets tired and has to let go?
His life is like a tunnel,
And he is the beam,
He won't let it hurt you,
He'll let you cause him pain.
His life is like a tunnel,
Long, dark and cold.
His life is like a tunnel,
And his grip is growing weak.

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I got so sucked into my own, dark thoughts..
I forgot it was my birthday.

Happy birthday, me.
You've made it 16 years

Oh look, cats ^-^


Fake friends
are like shadows
They  follow  you  in  the

 { S U N  } ,
but leave your side

when it gets dark..
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