Depression Quotes

Tired everyday

From waking moment

Normal daily living taking up 3x more energy than neurotypical people

World is not built for people like me
My depression wants me to die
but my anxiety is afraid to go.


My heart is left out in the cold too often, I've been abandoned too many times. I'm going to lock away my love, before it drives me to the barrel of a gun.

I'm at that point
Its either working myself to exhaustion
Or mentally torturing myself
Into suicide

Get out of my head, my heart is tired. 

And no one will know, just how close I was to ending it right then and there. Knife to my wrist. You don't even know. But would you even care? 

sick of crying
tired of trying

yeah i'm smiling
but inside I'm dying


im back. getting bad again.
Hold it
feel the calmness move through you
Now just because it it frowned upon
Does not mean that it doesn't help
When the only thing in your mind is
And you can't think of anything else
But what is going wrong
And things that hold no ground
Taking a toke off that good stuff
Is the only thing that feels
i hate that my brother is a trigger.
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